Best moveset for Toxapex in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

Toxapex in Pokemon GoNiantic

Toxapex has made its long-awaited debut in Pokemon Go, and if you teach it the best moveset it can be a brilliant choice for the Great League.

It might not be the most appealing-looking Pokemon, but ever since it first appeared in Sun & Moon’s Alola region, Toxapex has made a name for itself as one of the best Water-types around.

The main reason for this is that it’s an absolute tank. With a huge Defense stat and a great Poison/Water typing, your opponents will have a difficult challenge ahead of them if they want to defeat it in battle.

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So if you’ve just evolved a Mareanie into Toxapex, we’ve got details of the best moveset to teach it below alongside tips on where it performs best in the Pokemon Go Battle League.

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Best moveset for Toxapex in Pokemon Go

One of the best movesets you can teach Toxapex in Pokemon Go is Poison Jab as a Fast Move with Brine and Sludge Wave as Charged Moves.

Poison Jab is the best Fast Move in Toxapex’s arsenal, especially as it comes with STAB. Brine is the cheapest Charged Move for baiting shields, while Sludge Wave can dish out some huge damage.

Side note: It was originally leaked that Toxapex would have Muddy Water as a Charged Move, but that’s now been changed to Brine. This shouldn’t have too much impact on its performance in battle.

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All moves Toxapex can learn in Pokemon Go

Toxapex can learn two potential Fast Moves and three potential Charged Moves which you can see below:

Toxapex Fast Moves

  • Bite (Dark)
  • Poison Jab (Poison)

Toxapex Charged Moves

  • Brine (Water)
  • Gunk Shot (Poison)
  • Sludge Wave (Poison)

Is Toxapex good in Pokemon Go?

As many players predicted, Toxapex is looking like a pretty incredible addition to the Great League meta. It has a huge Defense stat and eight type resistances, while its CP maxes out at 1685 – which is just over this league’s 1500 CP limit.

According to PvPoke, Toxapex is currently 34th in the Great League rankings with key wins against some of the biggest names like Azumarill, Scrafty, Trevenant, Medicham, and Altaria. It’s definitely going to be one to watch when the Great League returns.

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While Toxapex is already looking like a Great League standout, it’s worth pointing out that it won’t have a place in the Ultra League or Master League else as its max CP is too low, so you’ll definitely want to keep it under 1500 CP.

That’s everything you need to know about Toxapex’s best moveset. While you’re here, check out some of our other Pokemon Go guides:

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