Pokemon Go Plus users have “secret” advice after player loses Legendary Shiny

Noelle Corbett

Pokemon Go players who use the Pokemon Go Plus accessory are sharing one key tip with others who play with the device. This comes after one Reddit user shared a screenshot revealing they’d encountered – and lost – a rare Shiny Mesprit without knowing not long after getting the accessory.

The disappointed player asked the community, particularly those who have been playing with Go Plus for longer, “how do you guys handle this?”

The Pokemon Go Plus and the upgraded (and awkwardly named) Pokemon Go Plus+ are useful gadgets for Pokemon Go players, with the Plus+ also being compatible with Pokemon Sleep. Pokemon Go players can automatically spin PokeStops and catch Pokemon, allowing users to play the game without opening their phones.

However, that also means having less control over gameplay and potentially missing rare Pokemon, just like this Reddit user, as the auto-catch mechanic only throws a single Poke Ball before allowing the Pokemon to flee.

Making the loss more heartbreaking is the fact that Mesprit is so rare as a wild encounter. While the Sinnoh Lake Guardians sometimes appear in Raids, they occasionally spawn as wild encounters. That means the odds of happening upon a Mesprit in the wild are pretty low – and that’s not even taking into account Shiny odds.

While, unfortunately, there’s no way to get the rare find back, Pokemon Go Plus users did have one simple piece of advice: don’t look at the Journal.

“The secret for the go plus is just never look at the journal when you’re using it,” shared one top commenter. Others shared the same tip, with one adding “then you’ll never know.”

Though many of the comments spread this sentiment – with one joking that “The journal is an evil force that serves to do nothing but serve you up perpetual frustration and anguish” – one player put a more positive spin on the situation.

“You tell yourself that you wouldn’t have got the opportunity to catch it if you didn’t have a Go Plus in the first place,” they said.

This led another to point out that every player has “probably walked or driven by a ton of shinies” and while they may have lost Shinies to the accessory, they “caught even more because of it.”

It’s a nice way to put things into perspective – after all, a device like the Pokemon Go Plus is bound to encounter wild Pokemon that a human player would miss. Still, for many Pokemon Go players, the best advice may be to remain in blissful ignorance and avoid checking the Journal.

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