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Pokemon Go Dusknoir best moveset & is it any good?

Published: 8/Oct/2021 22:43

by Daniel Megarry


With Duskull being the star of the October 2021 Community Day in Pokemon Go, many Trainers will be wondering what the best moveset for its final evolution Dusknoir is.

The latest Pokemon Go Community Day focuses on the spooky Ghost-type Duskull. With the help of a Sinnoh Stone, Trainers will get the chance to stock up on plenty of Duskull Candy and evolve it into its final form, Dusknoir.

Sadly, Dusknoir isn’t very useful for either PvP battles or Raids/Gyms, but this is the perfect chance to fill out your Pokedex and also get yourself a rare Shiny version, as the chances of encountering one are higher during Community Days.


The good news is that Trainers will be able to evolve a Dusknoir that knows the event-exclusive move Shadow Ball, which is actually very good. Below, we’re going to examine Dusknoir’s moveset and figure out which attacks are best.


Dusknoir in Pokemon Go
Trainers will have their best shot at evolving Dusknoir during the October Community Day.

Dusknoir best moveset in Pokemon Go

The best moveset for Dusknoir in Pokemon Go is Hex as a Fast Move and Shadow Ball as a Charged Move. Hex deals higher damage and has better energy generation than its alternative Astonish, so this one is a clear winner.

Now that Dusknoir has Shadow Ball, it should be your go-to Charged Move, as high STAB damage and low energy cost make it one of the best PvP moves in the game. If you can afford a second Charged Move, go with Psychic for extra coverage.


All moves Dusknoir can learn in Pokemon Go

Dusknoir can learn two Fast Moves and four Charged Moves following the addition of Shadow Ball, with three types including Ghost, Dark, and Psychic. Here are all of Dusknoir’s potential moves:

Dusknoir Fast Moves

  • Astonish (Ghost)
  • Hex (Ghost)

Dusknoir Charged Moves

  • Dark Pulse (Dark)
  • Ominous Wind (Ghost)
  • Psychic (Psychic)
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost)
Dusknoir in the Pokemon anime
The Pokemon Company
Dusknoir isn’t a standout Ghost-type, sadly.

Is Dusknoir any good in Pokemon Go?

While Duskull’s final evolution Dusknoir may look intimidating, it’s not a Pokemon you’ll be using often in PvP battles, as it’s outclassed by other Ghost-types in the Great League, Ultra League, and Master League.

Dusknoir does have incredibly high Defense stats, but low HP means it can’t quite compete as a tank. It tries to make up for this with a decent Attack stat, but it probably won’t last long enough to dish out enough damage.


Unfortunately, Dusknoir is also not going to be of much use in Raids or Gyms, where other classic Ghost-types such as Chandelure, Giratina, and Gengar perform much better in their niche.

Dusknoir isn’t totally useless, and the addition of Shadow Ball means there could be a place for it on your team if you’re lacking a strong Ghost-type, but ultimately there are much better Pokemon to put your resources into.

That’s everything you need to know about Dusknoir’s best moveset! If you’re looking for more top Trainer tips, check out our other Pokemon Go guides:


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