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How to get Shiny Rufflet in Pokemon Go: release date and tips

Published: 4/Dec/2020 14:56

by Alex Garton


Niantic has a lot of exciting new updates for Pokemon Go players in the upcoming weeks. The release of the Secrets of the Jungle movie will finally introduce Shiny Rufflet to the game.

The promotion of the Secrets of the Jungle movie has sparked a number of celebratory updates from Niantic. These include the upcoming release of Shiny Celebi and Shiny Rufflet.

Rufflet was introduced into Pokemon Go in March of 2020 alongside GO Battle Season 1. The fly-type Pokemon evolves into Braviary when fed 50 candles by players. It’s now receiving its very own Shiny version and it’s fair to say Pokemon Go fans are excited.


Let’s check when it’s releasing and how you can get your very own Shiny Rufflet.

The Shiny Rufflet will release alongside an event for the new Pokemon movie.

When is the Shiny Rufflet’s release date?

According to the Pokemon Go blog, the ‘Meet Pokemon connected to the Pokemon the Movie’ event will begin on December 14.

The event will run until December 17 and between these times players will be able to obtain a Shiny Rufflet.

How to catch a Shiny Rufflet

Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed method for finding a Shiny Rufflet. Players will need to complete raid battles and hatch 5km eggs.

It’s just a case of persisting and playing a lot during the event to increase your odds of getting the Pokemon. However, it’s worth noting players can guarantee to secure themselves a Shiny Pokemon in the upcoming event.


Niantic has allowed trainers to obtain a Shiny Celebi through completing a limited-time research story. Make sure you participate during the event as it’s not every day Niantic gives players a free Shiny Pokemon.

The odds of finding a Shiny Pokemon in the wild are roughly 1 in 450.

Pokemon’s Secrets of the Jungle film will release in North America at some point in 2021. Luckily for us, Niantic is providing some great movie tie-in events to get us all excited.

Get ready for December 14 and good luck finding your very own Shiny Rufflet.