How to get Kubfu & Urshifu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Nathan Ellingsworth
The Pokemon Kubfu appears against a blurred background

Kubfu and Urshifu have returned in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet thanks to The Indigo Disk DLC, so here’s everything you need to know to catch and train these powerful creatures.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Indigo Disk is the game’s final expansion, and it brings back one of the more powerful creatures from the previous generation.

Kubfu is a Fighting-type bear added to Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Isle of Armor DLC. But it has returned for The Indigo Disl. Naturally, this also ushers in the evolution Urshifu, a mainstay in the Pokemon VGC community.

To add this legendary Pokemon to your team, learn everything you need to know with our full guide.

Where to find Kubfu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

A Pokemon trainer talks to the character Snacksworth

To access The Indigo Disk DLC, you need to follow these steps:

  • Complete the main storyline in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet
  • Complete the main storyline in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s The Teal Mask DLC

To find Kubfu, you’ll need to complete the DLC’s main campaign and many Blueberry Quests. After several quests, Snacksworth will give you the Kubfu Treat. Travel to the Fury Falls in North Province Area Two to find Kubfu waiting for your arrival.

Considering Kubfu is only level 30, we recommend saving your game in case you cause the Pokemon to faint. Instead of depleting its health, you can improve the catching rate by inflicting status effects.

Can Kubfu be shiny in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

We’ve got bad news for Shiny hunters. The Shiny version of Kubfu is currently unavailable in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. It was the same case with Kubfu being Shiny locked in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

How to evolve Kubfu into Urshifu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

A tall female NPC is shown at a market stall

Kubfu can evolve into one of two different Urshifu forms: the Single Strike Style, which is dual dark and Fighting-type, and the Rapid Strike Style, which is dual dark and Water-type.

To get either of these two forms, you need the corresponding items listed below:

  • Single Strike Style – Scroll of Darkness
  • Rapid Strike Style – Scroll of Waters

Both of these items can be found at the Porto Marinada auctions, located on the West of the map just above Asado Desert.

Once in the Port Marinada markets, approach the tall female NPC with glasses, and she will be holding random auctions for battle and evolution items used by legendary Pokemon.

You will have to work your way through these auctions, as there is no way to guarantee the item you want. Along with the Urshifu evolution items are helpful pieces like the Ice Plate or Dark Plate that Arceus uses to change form and many more.

If you’re heading back to Paldea with the Indigo Disk DLC, be sure to check out our great guides below.

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