Pokemon Go Octillery: Best moveset for PvP and Raids

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pokemon go octillery

Octillery, the octopus Pokemon, is a single Water-type creature with a very high Attack stat, but is it any good? Check out Octillery’s best movesets so you can try them out on Pokemon Go’s battlefields.

Introduced in the Generation 2 Pokemon mainline games, Octillery is the single Water-type evolution of Remoraid, and it’s known for trapping enemies using its suction-cupped tentacles.

This creature was introduced into the Pokemon Go universe when the Johto Pokedex was added, and since then, players have had many ways to catch it. If you happen to have one, here are the best movesets you can teach Octillery in the game.


Octillery in Pokemon anime

Pokemon Go Octillery all moves

Octillery can learn a total of three Fast Moves and five Charged Moves in Pokemon Go. You can find all of them below:

Octillery Fast Moves

  • Mud Shot (Ground)
  • Water Gun (Water/STAB)
  • Lock-On (Normal)

Octillery Charged Moves

  • Gunk Shot (Poison)
  • Water Pulse (Water/STAB)
  • Aurora Beam (Ice)
  • Acid Spray (Poison)
  • Octazooka (Water/STAB)

Pokemon Go Octillery best PvP moveset

The best moveset for Octillery in Pokemon Go PvP is Lock On as a Fast Move and Octazooka as a Charged Move

Either one of Octillery’s Fast Moves is good and every Charged Move is expensive, so the best strategy is to pair Lock On with Octazooka.

Lock On, despite its very low damage, will allow the player to gather plenty of energy fast so it can access its Charged Move. Octazooka benefits from STAB, has decent damage and it’s one of the cheapest out of the bunch.

Octillery in Pokemon anime

Pokemon Go Octillery best Raid moveset

Octillery’s best moveset for Raids consists of Water Gun as a Fast Move and Water Pulse as a Charged Move.

As a single Water-type Pokemon, the best tactic for Raids is to benefit from the STAB and go with Water Gun as a Fast Move and pair it with the only viable option, which is Water Pulse, as Octazooka is only good in PvP.

That’s everything you need to know about Octillery’s best moveset in Pokemon Go. Check out our other guides below:

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