Pokemon players think these are the most “mediocre” ‘mons in the franchise

Scott Baird
Drowzee eating Rattata dreams in the Pokemon Journeys animeThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon fans worldwide have judged which ‘mons they find to be the most average and mediocre in terms of their battle prowess and aesthetic design.

There are over 1000 Pokemon in the franchise, and it’s said that each is someone’s favorite. While there are most popular Pokemon surveys available, people in the world still love the lesser ‘mons, like Dunsparce and Klefki.

By the same token, most players have a “worst Pokemon,” whom they dislike for many reasons. It could be that they’re terrible in battle, have an unpleasant design, waste their potential in battle, have an annoying cry, or are frustratingly difficult to catch or evolve.

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But what about the Pokemon in the middle? They’re not terrible, nor are they anything special. They sit in the Pokedex and don’t leave an impression outside of the hardcore audience that likes them.

These are the most average Pokemon according to fans

A user on the Pokemon Reddit created a thread asking fans who they think is the most average Pokemon in the franchise. Many answers flooded in, with a few predictable names, as well as a couple of surprises, proving that you can’t please everyone.

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“Probably Luvdisc,” one user judged the Valentine’s Day Pokemon, “Everyone knows Luvdisc, everyone is familiar with the fact it CAN be a decent water type, but it is purely just okay and in it’s lane. It’s just kinda there.”

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Quite a few people mentioned Octillery. “I wish Octillery kept its Beta design,” one user wrote, “The form and function is very inspired and cool and thematically ties it better to remoraid. Would’ve been a contender for one of my favourite Pokemon designs but they decided to strip it back and make it quite generic… I don’t hate it, but it’s truly mediocre for that reason.”

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“Pidove. It is simply bird,” one bird-judging user wrote, while another said, “If you’ve ever tried to name the original 151 and remembered Doduo/Dodrio you’re a better man than me.”

“Dewgong,” one Pokemon player wrote, “OK design, Bland and mediocre stats, typing is shared by multiple other pokemon (including 2 from the same generation), no interesting signature move or ability, doesn’t really have a huge prominent appearance in any game.”

There are many reasons to judge a Pokemon as mediocre, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored or dismissed. The famous Pachirisu victory at the 2014 World Championships proves that all Pokemon, even Magikarp, have the potential for greatness.

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