How to get Holowear Tickets in Pokemon Unite

The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

In Pokemon Unite, players can change the way their Pokemon looks with costumes. One way to purchase the rare skins is with Holowear Tickets. Here is how to obtain the special in-game currency.

After months of anticipation, Pokemon Unite has finally made its debut on the Nintendo Switch. The TiMi Studio’s MOBA has launched with over 20 Pokemon for fans to play as.

Trainers looking to battle in style can dress their favorite Pokemon up with special skins. This guide will break down how to get Holowear Tickets which can be used to purchase the rare costumes.

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Pokemon Unite Zirco Trading Holowear Ticket exchangeThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Pokemon Unite offers skins called Holowear.

What are Holowear Tickets?

In Pokemon Unite, the Zirco Trading storefront is where users can go to purchase Pokemon skins called Holowear. While the digital clothing items can be bought with Aeos Gems (which cost real-world money), TiMi Studios offers players a way to earn Holowear.

At the bottom of the shop is the Exchange where users can trade in Holowear Tickets for the character skins. Fortunately, they can be earned simply by playing the game.

As of launch, there are only five costumes: ones for Talonflame, Garchomp, Snorlax, Mr. Mime, and Machamp. Below we will explain how you can get the highly sought-after currency.

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How to get Holowear Tickets in Pokemon Unite

Unfortunately at launch, Holowear Tickets are quite rare to come by. At the time of writing, there is really the only way that players can obtain the holo currency and that is through the Energy Reward system.

On the main menu, there is a canister icon with a 100 next to it. Clicking it will take you to the Energy Rewards page where users can spin for random items after obtaining 10 energy.

To fill the canister up,  players need to simply complete matches, which rewards energy. Getting Tickets is completely random, but thankfully you can spin the Energy Canister 30 times a day.

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Pokemon Unite Energy Reward pageThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Players can win Holowear Tickets from Energy Rewards.

While Holowear Tickets are pretty rare to get, the Reward System does reset every 24 hours. Those that really badly want a skin will need to play the game a lot to get as many chances as possible to win the currency.

TiMi Studios has said they will be adding more Holowear in the future. Unfortunately, Premium skins such as Greninja’s Hero costume are not earnable as of launch and must be purchased with Aeos Gems.

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