Where to find and catch Verdash in Palworld

Kurt Perry
Verdash, a grass type Pal from Palworld with blured promo art in background.

Verdash is one of the most powerful Grass-type Pals in Palworld so it’s only natural that players want to get their own. Here’s where to find and catch Verdash in Palworld to use on your team.

As you progress through Palworld you’ll eventually want to take the next step and obtain the best Pals possible. Any serious trainer needs both Pals that can overcome the most difficult combat challenges or help run your Base.

Verdash is not only an excellent Pal for combat, but this Grass-type is also one of the most versatile Pals in the Paldeck. It has a wide range of Work Suitability including Gathering, Handiwork, Lumbering, Planting, and Transporting all at least Level 2.

However, it isn’t easy to catch and can only be found in one location. Here’s where to find and catch Verdash in Palworld.

Where to find and catch Verdash in Palworld

Verdash is one of the rare Pals that can only be found in the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary. This distant man-made island is located in the far west of the Palpagos Islands, just off the coast of the Forgotten Island.

Something to be aware of is that all three sanctuaries are dangerous to explore. Just stepping foot on these man-made islands is classed as “criminal activity,” and runs the risk of gaining a Wanted Level. The guards in this sanctuary are very strong so it’s best to stay undetected and avoid them.

Verdash spawn location in Palworld
Verdash’s location in Palworld.

Verdash is one of the hardest Pals to catch in Palworld. If you want to acquire the powerful creature it’s worth making plenty of high-tier Spheres like Hyper Spheres and Ultra Spheres before attempting to catch the Grass-type Pal.

With Verdash being a Grass type, it’s not a bad idea to bring along a Fire-type Pal to deal more damage and quickly lower its health. Once its health is low enough start throwing Spheres and pray you get lucky.

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