Where to find and catch Lovander in Palworld

James Lynch
Lovander in Palworld

Lovander is a useful Pal to have on your side in Palworld thanks to its unique Partner Skill that lets you absorb damage and regain some health. So this is how you can find and catch a Lovander in Palworld.

There are a lot of different creatures to collect in Palworld, and they all have distinct strengths. Some excel in combat, others are great for working at your base, and certain Pals are fantastic Mounts.

Lovander is a proficient worker having great suitability for multiple jobs. So, if you need more hands to improve your base, you’ll definitely want to catch a Lovander or two in the game.

Where to find Lovander in Palworld

You can either find Lovander in the desert towards the center-north of the map, or in a similar biome to the extreme Northeast near the the Sand Dunes area.

The small desert in the center will see Lovander spawn as a single mob or in a pair, usually at around level 20. The desert biome in the Northeast in the Sand Dunes area has a similar spawn rate, but the mob will be at a higher level, typically in the late 30s.

You can also hatch a Lovander from a Large Common Egg, or purchase one from the Duneshelter Pal Merchant for a starting cost of 2450 Gold Coins.

How to catch it

For the level 20 Lovander mobs using a Giga Sphere will be more than enough to get your hands on the Pal.

When it comes to the creatures in the Sand Dunes, however, we recommended having some Hyper and Ultra Sphere on hand to ensure you can easily capture one without issue.

How to breed Lovander

Lovander can also be obtained via breeding. To do this, simply place both Pals in your Breeding Farm, move the Egg to an Egg Incubator, and then wait for it to hatch. The following breeding combos are the best options for Lovander:

Lovander skills

As well as having Level 2 work suitability in Handiwork, Medicine Production, and Transporting, and Level 1 suitability in Mining, Lovander can use all the active skills below:

Heart Drain (Partner Skill)Gives the player and Lovander the ability to steal, which absorbs some of the damage you received and restores a portion of HP.N/A
Power ShotCharges energy into a focused blast. Level 1
Poison BlastHurls poison sludge at an enemy.Level 7
Shadow BurstQuickly discharges dark energy, damaging those around it.Level 15
Acid RainCreates acidic clouds that pour down acid rain on enemies.Level 22
Power BombCharges a massive amount of energy before firing a large destructive ball.Level 30
ImplodeRisks its life to cause a violent explosion. Becomes incapacitated afterwards.Level 40
Pal BlastCharges destructive energy before firing a high-powered beam forward across a wide area.Level 50

What loot does it drop?

When you defeat or catch a Lovander, it has the chance to drop a variety consumable of items including:

  • Mushroom
  • Cake
  • Suspicious Juice
  • Strange Juice
  • Memory Wiping Medicine

Both juices can be fed to Pals to increase their work speed. Cake can be used when breeding Pals, Murhsrooms can be used in recipes, and the player can drink Memory Wiping Medine to reset some stat points.

That’s how to get your hands on Lovander! If you’re jumping into the game ahead of the Sakurajima update, here’s how to level up fast, if Palworld has Shinies, and the very best Breeding combos to use.

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