Where to find and catch Felbat in Palworld

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Felbat in Palworld

Felbat emerges as a Dark-type Pal, boasting impressive combat skills and a Partner Skill that sets it apart. Here’s a guide on how you can find Felbat in Palworld.

Within three days of the game’s launch, Palworld shot to the top of the Steam sales charts, generating a ton of hype. However, because of its similarities to Pokemon, its popularity also drew some criticism.

Felbats in Palworld may not boast exceptional base stats, but their utility extends beyond raw strength. With level 3 Medicine Production, they become proficient in crafting medicine.

You can even level up your Felbat to make it exclusively learn Dark-type Skills for battles, making it a strategic asset against various opponents.

That being said, here’s what Palworld players need to know if they want to locate Felbat in the game.

How to find and catch Felbat in Palworld

Felbat spawn location in Palworld
Felbat spawn location in Palworld

Felbas are only deep underground within dungeon caves. The primary location for encountering Felbats is the island housing the Desolate Church. While other dungeons may also host Felbats, this particular island remains a reliable spot.

Felbats spawn alone, showcasing high levels, usually starting from level 20. However, they are not overly challenging, with avoidable attacks. Pals at level 20 or above are generally sufficient for the encounter. Optimal Pals for this battle include those with Dragon-type attacks.

Capturing or defeating Felbats yields valuable rewards, including Cloth and occasionally a Small Pal Soul. Felbat farming becomes an efficient method for acquiring Pal Souls to enhance your Pal team.

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