Where to find and catch Incineram Noct in Palworld

Raissa Jerez
incineram noct palworld

Some of the coolest creatures in Palworld have alternative dark variations available called Noct, like Incineram. If you’re looking to add this tough double Fire/Dark-type Pal to your team, here’s exactly where you can find it in the game.

Palworld’s universe has 111 monsters roaming around the Palpagos Island, and as any monster-catching oriented game, one of your core missions is to catch them all to complete your Paldeck.

To spice it up a little bit, Pocket Pair added a few Pal variations called Noct, and although the changes between versions are not huge, they are easy to spot, since the main difference between the monsters is their coloring.

If you already caught an Incineram in the game, you’re going to want to catch its cooler version Incineram Noct, so here’s where to find it and how to catch it.

How to find Incineram Noct in Palworld

While regular Incineram is easy to find around Mount Obsidian, Incineram Noct is less common, as it only appears in two small -and very separate- spots on the map.

You can find Incineram Noct in two of the Wildlife Sanctuaries, one on the Northeast and the other one on the West side of Palpagos Island.

Palworld incineram noct location

Keep in mind that entering a Wildlife Sanctuary will put a Wanted target on your back, as this is considered Criminal Activity in the game.

How to catch Incineram Noct: battle tips

To raise Incineram Noct’s catch rate, you’ll have to lower its health before throwing your Pal Sphere. As a double Fire/Dark-type, you can easily deal damage with a pure Water or Dragon-type Pal or maybe one that has both, such as Relaxaurus, Elphidran Aqua, Azurobe, or the mighty Jormuntide.

Be careful not to kill it because then you won’t be able to catch it, and remember to bring along plenty of Ultra or Legendary Spheres, as well as top-notch weapons to help your Pal lower its HP fast.

Incineram Noct is definitely a tough fighter to have in your team, plus it has a Partner Skill called Darkclaw Hunter, which -when activated- hits a targeted enemy with a powerful Hellfire Claw. Otherwise, if you want to keep it in your base, it will help you out in Kindling, Handiwork, Mining, and Transporting too.

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