Palworld players fear the worst after Nintendo takes down Pokemon mod video

Shane Black
Palworld - image of Ash in the game

Palworld players are fearing the worst after the video for an upcoming Pokemon mod was taken down by Nintendo.

The similarities between Palworld and the Pokemon series are incredibly obvious when you look at both games.

Ever since the recent launch of Palworld, players have wondered how Nintendo and the people behind Pokemon would respond to it.

Now, the fans are fearing of what’s to come after Nintendo took down a video for an upcoming Pokemon mod for Palworld.

Palworld players fear for the game after Nintendo took down Pokemon mod video

In an announcement made on X, the video for the upcoming Pokemon mod was taken down by Nintendo.

As the post says, the take down means the mod can’t be released: “This means Nintendo will not allow Pokémon mods. ToastedShoes was going to release their mod to the public but can’t at the moment due to the DMCA from Nintendo.”

The mod was being developed by ToastedShoes and aimed to bring Pokemon models to Palworld, including characters being able to be Ash Ketchum.

Fans of the game weren’t surprised by the news, with one user responding: “Can’t be having Pokemon in games that are actually fun to play. Though in all serious, I’m not surprised.”

Nintendo is known for cracking down on anyone using their IP outside of their own projects. They’ve even gone so far as to prohibit Super Smash Bros. tournaments from taking place because of this.

Plenty of people are also pointing to ToastedShoes themselves for the problem, saying that they should not have put the game up for sale, and should have just released it for free.

As someone on the Palworld subreddit says, “Important context: this guy had paywalls his mod, meaning that he was profiting off of Nintendo’s work. This is one of the few times where I feel like Nintendo is justified in their actions.”

This event raises the question about what is in store for Palworld, as there are plenty of Pokemon fans who believe the game is going to be hit with lawsuits from Nintendo.

A fan on the subreddit commented: “That was fast they are looking for anything to attack Palworld with it seems.”

As of now, there is no official confirmation that Nintendo is going to go after the game, but given their track record, it makes sense for players to be a little concerned.