Where to find and catch Leezpunk in Palworld

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Where to find and catch Leezpunk in Palworld.

Leezpunk is a powerful Pal in Palworld that can make your journey in the game considerably easier as it can help you find dungeons. Here’s how you can find this Pal that looks similar to Scrafty from Pokemon.

Palworld has taken the world by storm since its release with the game being touted as “Pokemon with guns.” The game has a bunch of Pals looking very similar to Pokemon that you can catch.

Leezpunk is yet another Pal that is heavily inspired by Scrafty in Pokemon. Aside from looking similar to the ‘mon Leezpunk can help you find dungeons in the game which are great places to farm resources. So, if you’re playing Palworld, Leezpunk is a Pal that you need to add to your collection.

That being said, here is all you need to know on how to catch Leezpunk in Palworld.

Finding Leezpunk in Palworld
These are the spawn locations of Leezpunk in Palworld.

Finding and catching Leezpunk in Palworld

You can find Leezpunk in the southwest region of the Palpagos Islands. This beachy area, situated beneath the volcano region, serves as the ideal habitat for these hooded Pals.

As you venture towards the Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue, a significant landmark in the area, head slightly south and then west to explore the beachy area where you can find Leezpunk roaming around.

Leezpunk is commonly found at approximately level 30 which means you need to be levelled up to be able to take it down. Hyper Spheres are recommended for increased success rates, with Giga Spheres being an even more reliable option.

With Leezpunk’s high level, capture success rates may vary, so come prepared with an ample supply of quality Pal Spheres.

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