How to find and catch Lunaris in Palworld

Melvin Mathew
Lunaris in Palworld

Lunaris, a highly coveted Pal in Palworld, is within your grasp. This guide details how to find and capture it in a game that’s quickly becoming a favorite among gamers, particularly those drawn to its Pokemon-like features.

Palworld has gained a significant following, especially among Pokemon fans, due to its similar gameplay. While the game has faced its share of criticism, its popularity continues to rise, drawing in a large number of players.

The game has quickly risen to the top of the all-time gaming charts, beating the likes of PUBG and even Counter-Strike 2.

Lunaris is a Pal that boasts an impressive set of Work Suitability and a Partner Skill which makes it extremely useful to help with crafting in Palworld. If you’re looking to find Lunaris in the game, here’s everything you need to know.

Where to find and catch Lunaris in Palworld

Exact location of Lunaris in Palworld
The exact location of Lunaris in Palworld

To find Lunaris, you need to travel to the Sea Breeze Archipelago, an island southwest of the Windswept Islands. Once there, use the fast travel point north of the dungeon and head southwest of Alpha Gumoss, where Lunaris’s dungeon sits atop a hill.

Prepare for a potential encounter with a Syndicate Camp in the area. Clearing this camp is advised before attempting to capture Lunaris, ensuring a smoother hunt.

Catching Lunaris presents a formidable challenge as a level 32 boss. Adequate preparation is key, and Lunaris’s weakness to Dark Element Pals, such as Hoocrates, Depresso, Killamari, and others, provides a strategic advantage.

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