Where to find and catch Rooby in Palworld

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Rooby is a beautiful fawn-inspired Fire-type Pal players can encounter in the recently released Palworld. If you’re planning on catching one in Pocket Pair’s game, here are all the locations where you can find this species in Palworld.

Palworld’s recent release left a buzz in the gaming industry as in just three days, it became the top-selling game on Steam. This ‘Pokemon with guns’ game, as some people are calling it, offers players a chance to capture and raise all types of monsters in order to fight or to work.

One of those monsters is Rooby, a cute deer-lookalike Fire-type Pal that can be found around the time you’re done with the game‘s tutorial. This fire-breather is strong against Grass and Ice-type Pals and comes with a Partner Skill called Tiny Spark, which increases the attack power of every Fire-type Pal in your team.

However, if you’re not planning on using it in battle, you can add it to your base and put it to work. With the ‘Kindling’ Work Suitability, Rooby will be in charge of anything fire-related. From cooking to melting Ore in the Furnace and even igniting the torches in your base during nighttime.

Pals camping in Palworld

How to find Rooby in Palworld

Rooby is one of the first Fire-type Pals you’ll come around during your time on Palpagos Island. However, it’s not one of the early-game monsters you’ll be able to catch, as its location is a little bit far away from your standard starting point.

This cute fawn can be seen around these areas of Palworld’s map: Marsh Island, Mount Obsidian, the Forgotten Island, the Sea Breeze Archipelago, and east of the Sealed Realm of the Swift.

rooby palworld location map

Keep in mind that to raise Rooby’s catch rate, you’ll have to lower its health before throwing your Pal Sphere. As a Fire-type, you can easily deal damage with a Water-type Pal, but be careful, as if you kill it, you won’t be able to catch it.

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