Where to find and catch Gobfin in Palworld

Kurt Perry
The Pal Gobfin in Palworld.

Gobfin is a Water-type Pal that can only be found in a specific area making it difficult to track down. To help you get your own we’ve put together this guide on where to find and catch Gobfin in Palworld.

There are a lot of powerful Water-type Pals in Palworld that are fantastic for specific encounters and providing type coverage. Furthermore, they are the only Pals capable of using the Watering Work Suitability required to farm crops.

Unfortunately, a lot of early-game Water type Pals are nothing special. The likes of Fuack and Pengullet are okay options but only offer so much. There is one Pal that can be obtained early on that is dominant though, Gobfin.

Here’s where you can get Gobfin in Palworld to take advantage of its powerful Partner Skill, Angry Shark.

Where to find Gobfin in Palworld

The only area where Gobfin can be encountered is the suitably named Gobfin’s Turf. This beach region exclusively spawns Gobfin and can be found between Hypocrite Hill and Mossanda Forest.

Gobfin is one of the rare Pals that does not have an Alpha spawn anywhere in the Palpagos Islands. As a result, the only way to catch one is to go to Gobfin’s Turf and face the ferocious shark head-on.

A map of where to find Gobfin in Palworld
Gobfin’s location in Palworld.

How to catch Gobfin in Palworld

Gobfin is one of the hardest medium-level Pals to catch as they group up and will team up on you when attacked. Furthermore, Gobfin’s catch rate is lower than expected for a Pal of its strength making it a tricky encounter, especially for lower-level trainers

For this reason, it’s best to use a powerful Electric-type Pal to take them out and then try and catch any stragglers that survive on low HP. Even then, higher-tier Spheres are often required to get a reasonable chance of successfully catching Gobfin.

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