How to find and breed Gobfin Ignis in Palworld

Kurt Perry
The Pal Gobfin Ignis from Palworld.

Gobfin Ignis is a great Fire type Pal that is perfect for taking down bosses, Alphas, and high level enemies alike. Here’s where you can find or even breed your own Gobfin Ignis in Palworld.

In addition to the regular Pals, Palworld also offers a range of unique variants. These variants feature different typing potentially getting them a spot on your team or base that they would have been otherwise unsuitable for.

Some of the strongest variant Pals include Mossanda Lux, Wumpo Botan, and Incineram Noct. In addition to these is Gobfin Ignis, a Fire type shark that while not necessarily top tier is still a powerful Pal that is well worth catching.

With that said, here’s where to find, catch, and breed Gobfin Ignis in Palworld.

Where to get Gobfin Ignis in Palworld

Gobfin Ignis can be found in the far west of Palworld’s large volcano biome. This is the only area the Fire type Pal appears with it typically spawning around level 30.

Just like its Water type counterpart, Gobfin Ignis tend to group together and have a relatively low catch rate making them difficult to catch. To mitigate this it’s recommended to bring along a powerful Water type Pal to weaken Gobfin Ignis and then use higher tier Spheres to catch it.

A map of Gobfin Ignis' location in Palworld.
Gobfin Ignis’ location in Palworld.

How to breed Gobfin Ignis in Palworld

Gobfin Ignis can also be acquired through breeding in a Breeding Farm. The best combination involves breeding Rooby with a regular Gobfin, as this will always result in a Gobfin Ignis. Those looking to optimize further should aim for powerful combat Passive Skills like Ferocious, and Muscle-Head.

Although the Fire type Pal can be found in the overworld, it doesn’t have an Alpha boss encounter. For most Palworld players, breeding will be the most reliable way of getting their first Gobfin Ignis, especially if you are looking for one with desirable traits.

A Breeding Farm in Palworld.
Rooby and Gobfin can be bred together at a Breeding Farm to produce a Gobfin Ignis.

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