Overwatch 2 Season 1 Battle Pass: Tiers, Rewards, price, more

Brad Norton
Overwatch 2 Season 1 skinsBlizzard

When Overwatch 2 goes live on October 4, so too does the Season 1 battle pass, the first of its kind for Blizzard’s popular hero shooter. So before it lands, we’ve got a complete rundown here covering what’s included, from Mythic Skins to Kiriko and everything in-between.

Times are changing for Overwatch fans around the globe. After six years with the original, the sequel is just days away from dropping fresh content, implementing new systems, and forever altering the state of the game.

Among the new additions in Overwatch 2 is the previously leaked battle pass model. With the switch to free-to-play, Blizzard is now adopting a seasonal structure, meaning a wide range of items will be locked behind battle pass tiers.

While some content will be available at no extra charge, certain rewards require a premium buy-in. So before Season 1 gets underway, be sure to brush up with everything we know about the first battle pass.


Overwatch 2 Season 1 Battle PassBlizzard
Season 1 introduces the very first Battle Pass in Overwatch history.

Overwatch 2 Season 1 battle pass Price

When it comes to accessing the Season 1 battle pass, players have two options. First is the free route, wherein, you don’t have to spend a dime. Just by playing the game you’ll automatically progress through free battle pass tiers and unlock select items.

However, if you’re looking to get everything you can out of Season 1, you’ll need to purchase the Premium battle pass. This comes in at 1,000 Overwatch Coins, roughly the equivalent of $10 USD. This in-game currency can also be earned through weekly in-game challenges, so you can always grind throughout a season and purchase the Premium track towards the end to retroactively unlock everything.

Kiriko joins Overwatch 2 through the Season 1 battle pass

Headlining the Season 1 battle pass in Overwatch 2 is Kiriko, the game’s newest Support hero. Joining the fight alongside Sojourn and Junker Queen, Kiriko rounds out a trio of new additions after a two-year dry spell.

While Kiriko is tied to the battle pass, she can be unlocked in a number of ways. First up is the inexpensive option in which, Kiriko can be acquired for free. You just have to reach Tier 55 on the free track in order to claim the hero.

If you’d rather add her to your roster right away though, buying the Premium battle pass grants instant access. Thus, you can skip the lengthy grind and begin using the new Support right away for $10 USD.

Overwatch 2 KirikoBlizzard
Kiriko lands in Overwatch 2 through the Season 1 Battle Pass.

Mythic Skins debut with Cyber Demon Genji in Season 1 battle pass

Also debuting in the Season 1 battle pass is the first ever Mythic-rarity Skin in Overwatch 2. First unveiled back in June, this new range of Skins is set to allow for a deeper level of customization than anything before it. Unlocking the Skins themselves is just the beginning as players can apply unique variations and alter colors to design their own look.

The very first Mythic Skin, Cyber Demon Genji, is on its way in the Season 1 battle pass. This design completely alters the hero with new hair, glowing tattoos, and a completely different outfit.

Currently, it’s unclear which Tier the Mythic Skin unlocks, but if we had to guess, we’d expect to see it late in the premium track, if not the final reward at Tier 80. We’ll update you here once details are confirmed.

Genji Mythic skinBlizzard
Genji is the first hero to receive a Mythic-tier skin in Overwatch 2.

Prestige Tier titles available at the end of Season 1 battle pass

If you manage to clear all 80 Tiers in the Season 1 battle pass, there’s still plenty more to grind for. While all cosmetics will now be yours for the season, you’ll now have access to Prestige Tiers that come with unique titles to unlock.

By advancing through these more challenging Tiers, you can unlock new Prestige Tier titles and apply them to your profile. In doing so, you’ll have a unique name or phrase attached to your account from that point forward.

Making the flex that little bit sweeter, each season comes with its own set of Prestige Tier titles. Meaning once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. So if you claim a rare name for your account in Season 1, others won’t be able to grab it for themselves once Season 2 arrives.

Free rewards in the Overwatch 2 Season 1 battle pass

Although exact Tiers are yet to be revealed, we do have a good idea of what to expect throughout the free track of the Season 1 battle pass. From the aforementioned hero in Kiriko to a handful of Legendary skins and emotes, there’s plenty on offer.

Also in the mix are new weapon charms to customize your equipment in Overwatch 2, along with a new Souvenirs to complement your character’s pose.

Below is what we know for certain will appear along the free track:

  • Newest Support hero, Kiriko
  • 2 Legendary Skins
  • 2 Weapon Charms
  • 2 Souvenirs
  • 1 Highlight Intro
  • 15 additional items

Premium rewards in the Overwatch 2 Season 1 battle pass

When it comes to the premium track, we’re still yet to see which rewards await at particular Tiers, but we do have a good idea of what to expect along the way.

Scattered throughout the Season 1 battle pass are the likes of new emotes, play of the game intros, and various in-game sprays. Also available are entirely unique voicelines that seemingly can’t be accessed in any other way.

Overwatch 2 Season 1 Battle PassBlizzard
Both free and premium rewards are mixed into the Season 1 Battle Pass.

Below is a quick rundown of the confirmed items set to appear along the premium track:

  • Immediate access to Kiriko
  • 15% XP Battle Pass Boost
  • 1 Mythic Skin
  • 5 Legendary Skins
  • 2 Epic Skins
  • 3 Play of the Game Intros
  • 4 Weapon Charms
  • 3 Emotes
  • 3 Souvenirs
  • 6 Poses
  • 6 Name Cards
  • 8 Player Icons
  • 11 Voice Lines
  • 12 Sprays

When Season 1 kicks off in Overwatch 2, we’ll be sure to update you here with a full look at every Tier in the battle pass.