Everything in Overwatch 2 Season 1: Release date, new heroes, maps, first Mythic skin, more

Overwatch 2 gameplayBlizzard

As the early access launch of Overwatch 2 draws near, so too does the game’s very first season. From new maps and modes to an entirely fresh Battle Pass system, here’s a full rundown on everything coming in Overwatch 2 Season 1.

Six years on from the first game’s launch and three years since its reveal, Overwatch 2 is very much real and finally locked in for an early access release on October 4. As part of the highly-anticipated follow-up, the free-to-play title is now set to incorporate a proper seasonal model for the first time in series history.

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This means new content is guaranteed to arrive at regular intervals with new heroes, maps, and of course, plenty of cosmetics all arriving with each passing season.

Kicking things off without wasting any time, Season 1 has already been revealed in full. So before we get to launch, here’s a complete breakdown of all there is to know about the first season of Overwatch 2.


Overwatch 2 gameplayBlizzard
With a swap to a seasonal model, players can expect new content every nine weeks in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Season 1: Release Date

Overwatch 2 Season 1 is set to kick off the very day the game launches in early access on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

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As soon as players jump into the release build of the game, all relevant Season 1 content will be live right away including maps, heroes, and of course, the season’s Battle Pass.

This first season is expected to run for nine weeks in total, spanning October 4, 2022 to December 6, 2022.

What’s coming in Overwatch 2 Season 1?

Three new heroes arriving at launch

By the time Overwatch 2 releases in full later this year, it’ll mark a 930-day gap between new hero launches. The long wait will be rewarded with three new characters simultaneously, however, rather than just a singular addition.

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Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko are the latest additions to the Overwatch roster, joining in the Damage, Tank, and Support roles respectively.

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen characterBlizzard
Junker Queen was the second new character locked in for Overwatch 2.

Many have already been hands-on with both Sojourn and Junker Queen through the initial Beta tests, though Kiriko will make her debut as part of the early access launch come October.

Six new maps & Push game mode

Also featuring in Season 1 alongside the Overwatch 2 launch are six new maps and a brand new game mode in Push.

Almost three years since its reveal, Push is finally making its full debut as a core game type in Season 1. As you would expect, a number of purpose-built maps are required for the unique objective, thus, we can nail down at least a handful of the upcoming layouts.

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overwatch 2 push mode zenyatta sombra sojourn and sigma on Toronto mapBlizzard
We’ve already had access to a number of new maps through the initial Overwatch 2 Beta.

While it was initially unclear what to expect from all six maps, we now have a clear understanding of what to expect. Below is a full list of the new locations arriving at launch in Overwatch 2:

  • Circuit Royal (Escort)
  • Midtown (Hybrid)
  • Rio de Janeiro (Hybrid)
  • Colosseo (Push)
  • New Queen Street (Push)
  • Esperança, Portugal (Push)

New cosmetics & first Mythic skin

Launching as part of Season 1 is an assortment of new cosmetic items. While a few familiar rewards like sprays and voice lines are in the mix, a number of brand-new additions are also on the way. Hero poses, souvenirs, and weapon charms can be unlocked in the sequel just to name a few.

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Genji Mythic skin concept art in Overwatch 2Blizzard
Players will soon be able to drastically alter their appearance through new Mythic-rarity skins.

Arguably the biggest new inclusion at the launch of Overwatch 2, however, is the first Mythic skin. Set at a rarity above Legendary, Mythics not only provide drastic alterations for select heroes, but they also offer a new form of customization unlike anything prior.

With Mythic skins, players can adjust key details to fine-tune their appearance. Be it alternate footwear or different hair colors, there’s plenty to tweak with these new cosmetics.

Kicking things off in Season 1 is the Cyber Demon Genji skin, available in the upcoming Battle Pass.

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First ever Battle Pass

For the first time in Overwatch, Season 1 marks the arrival of a new Battle Pass system. Functioning just how you’d expect, players can earn a range of both free and premium rewards over the course of the season just by playing the game and progressing through the Battle Pass.

From new hero skins to weapon charms, emotes, sprays, and plenty more, there’s a wide variety of content available.

Overwatch 2 roadmapBlizzard
Battle Passes will complement each new season in Overwatch 2.

Starting with Season 1, new Battle Passes will be priced at 1,000 Overwatch Coins, roughly $10 USD. While this premium option will unlock new hero Kirko right away, players are still able to progress for free and unlock her at Tier 55 if they so choose.

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Advancing through the Battle Pass can be done by completing a range of daily, weekly, and seasonal challenges along the way.

So that’s all there is to know about Overwatch 2 Season 1. As it’s early days yet, be sure to check back over the coming weeks for further details as we get closer to launch.

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