What are Prestige tier titles in Overwatch 2? Special Battle Pass unlocks explained

Overwatch 2 cinematic GenjiBlizzard

Prestige tier titles are brand new in Overwatch 2 and help to customize your profile in a unique way. From how they’re unlocked in battle passes to a quick rundown on how the system works, here’s everything we know.

With the launch of Overwatch 2 comes an overhaul to a number of in-game systems we’ve grown accustomed to in the original game. Chief among the new arrivals is the introduction of a battle pass model, one that provides both free and premium rewards over the course of a nine-week season.

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While this system is the key to earning a range of new cosmetics, including an all-new rarity of customizable mythic skins, the battle pass also serves as a home for all future heroes. New characters will need to be unlocked through this system so completing challenges and progressing through the 80 tiers is essential. But what happens when you reach the end of a given Battle Pass?

It turns out Blizzard has planned ahead for just that. Rather than hitting a brick wall at the final tier, there’s still more to unlock. This is where Prestige tiers come into play.

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What are Prestige tiers in the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass?

If you happen to grind through an Overwatch 2 battle pass before the season comes to an end, you’ll still have plenty left to do. Once all 80 tiers have been ticked off and their respective items acquired, you’ll advance into new territory with Prestige tiers.

Overwatch 2 Battle PassBlizzard
If you’re able to complete the full Battle Pass in any given season, Prestige tiers await at the very end.

Much like regular battle pass tiers, Prestige tiers can be progressed by playing the game and completing challenges. However, they require more time and effort to clear, so don’t expect a quick breeze through. It also doesn’t appear there’s any way to buy your way through Prestige tiers either, so they’ll need to be earned.

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It’s currently unclear just how many Prestige tiers will be available with each season, but it’s safe to expect a fair few so players can keep busy. But what exactly can be earned by striving to advance through these tiers? Unique Prestige tier titles are up for grabs and here’s how they work.

How Prestige tier titles work in Overwatch 2

Unique to Overwatch 2 are Prestige tier titles. Upon completing a Prestige tier at the end of the battle pass, one such title will be unlocked. These titles can then be equipped on your profile as an added flex online.

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Overwatch 2 Kiriko artworkBlizzard
Unlocking new Prestige tier titles is sure to be the ultimate flex in Overwatch 2.

Akin to seasonal titles in Destiny 2, the exact names and phrases on these titles will be exclusive to a given season. For instance, a Prestige tier title available in Season 1 will no longer be on offer in Season 2 and beyond. They’re limited-time rewards for those ready to grind further than just the standard 80 battle pass tiers.

Exactly what the first batch of titles includes is still a mystery for now. But we’ll be sure to keep you posted here once further details emerge.

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