6 Overwatch tattoos only die hard fans would get

Overwatch Tattoos TracerBlizzard Entertainment, emmajeantattoos via. Instagram

The Overwatch fanbase is a dedicated one. It’s so dedicated that a lot of players have decided to ink their favorite characters onto their skin. Here’s our top 6 Overwatch tattoos.

One thing that Blizzard always execute on is creating fully fleshed out characters. Whether they’re lovable like Tracer or Winston, or the definition of pure evil like Widowmaker or Reaper, you really can’t help but appreciate them.

Not only this though, literally every single hero in Overwatch looks amazing. Their outfits have become iconic, and the vast array of skins available for each hero helps you somewhat customize them to suit your identity. Fans have designed loads of different concepts, like Lovebringer Mercy or Devil Hanzo, and the Overwatch art sphere is a thriving, amazing place to be.

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Some fans have even went ahead by getting their favorite artwork tattooed, sometimes of one hero, sometimes of multiple or even just symbols that remind them of their Overwatch pride. Here are some of our top 7 Overwatch tats.

Insane Zenyatta ink


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A post shared by Mike Bianco (@mikebiancoart)

It’s pretty well known that Overwatch support players are some of the most passionate of the game’s fanbase. It therefore makes perfect sense that our first tattoo is a support hero: Zenyatta.

The iconic robotic monk has been perfectly captured by @mikebiancoart, with the shading creating the necessary depth to make each piece of Zenyatta’s body look like real life machinery. It’s awesome to see how much work went into this replica of the fan favorite Omnic. No orbs of discord here, just pure, unadulterated harmony.

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“Cheers love! The cavalry’s here!” – permanently

Tracer has become an icon both within the Overwatch universe and outside in the real world. The hero’s playful attitude is personified in @emmajeantattoos art, with the amazing blend of the neo-traditional art style incorporated into a heavily anime inspired piece capturing everything that Tracer is and more.

The inclusion of every player’s favorite voice line is also super cute, especially considering it’s done in the same graffiti style that mirrors some of the lovable English rogue’s in-game sprays. Tracer won’t be blinking out of this fan’s sight anytime soon!

Is that a Pokemon?


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A post shared by Lou 🎃🍄 (@_loumiller_)

Overwatch dan @_loumiller_’s tattoo is one is for true Overwatch fans. No, it isn’t a squid turnip, it’s a Pachimari! The adorable little in-game character can be found in a whole host of different places, but notably appears in all of the claw grab arcade machines on Hanamura.

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This tattoo incorporates all of what makes the Pachimari so lovable. The vibrant colors splashed behind the little creature’s tiny body echo its pastel personality while the splashes hint that this little guy would love to cause some chaos. So sure, maybe this one is for the more die-hard Overwatch fans but even the untrained eye can’t deny the cuteness of a Pachimari.

Did someone call for a witch?


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A post shared by MINH KAIJU (@minhkaiju)

There are some skins that are fan favorites all year long, and Mercy’s Halloween Witch skin is certainly one of them. This fan went ahead and got their Halloween pride tattooed on their arm Overwatch style.

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The details in this tattoo by @minhkaiju is spectacular. The anime style of the art really brings Mercy to life, and the intricate details in her hat and cloak make her even spookier. The little addition of spookified healing symbols floating just above her remind you that sure, she might be a healer, but she’s certainly got some bite.

Beautiful but deadly


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A post shared by Shane Nabavian (@xelofane)

A lot of heroes have made this list, but some of Overwatch’s classic villains need some love too. One fan, (@xelofane) has shown their villainous side by electing to get this beautiful Widowmaker tattoo.

The former ballerina turned sniper personifies the phrase ‘beautiful but deadly’, and this piece really strikes the balance between elegance and ferocity. The colors are light in some places, but much darker in others, reflecting the bluish hue of Widowmaker’s bloodless skin. With this tattoo, you’ll never be able to hide from Widowmaker’s sight.

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“Look out world! Tracer’s here.”


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A post shared by Gustavo Takazone (@gtakazone)

To round off our list we have another Tracer by @gtakazone, but this one look pretty different from our previous inked example. Where the other piece excelled in its color, this black and grey design is made so much more special because of there only being a tiny splash of yellow.

By creating the tattoo as a more realistic, portrait style, the artist has given us a snapshot of the more aggressive, dutiful Tracer. Sure her little smirk still has that childish edge, but the stark contrast between dark and light really reminds you that Tracer is a hero, that she’s a fighter. She’s not just a silly little girl.

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All of these pieces are amazing in their own right, and their owners must be super thrilled to wear such iconic Overwatch heroes on their bodies. Planning your own tattoo? Let these ones inspire you!