Overwatch players will fall in love with this Mercy skin concept

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Mercy has a whole host of cool skins, but a new skin concept on Twitter will have Overwatch fans fall in love at first sight all over again.

Mercy has become one of Overwatch’s most iconic heroes. The Alpine healer is a staple in pretty much every game at both the professional and casual level, and even has a song written about her. Yes, she’s just that popular.

This in turn has led to Blizzard designing a whole host of amazing skins for the hero, including her iconic Halloween witch skin and the devilish imp one. One of the most popular Mercy skins ever though was the Breast Cancer Awareness pink Mercy skin, and it’s one that fans have been begging Overwatch’ devs to release back into the game despite its high price point. 

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One Twitter user has come to the rescue though. Even though the pink Mercy skin sadly doesn’t seem like it’ll be making a reappearance anytime soon, this Valentine style skin concept is every pink lover’s fantasy.

Fan creates the perfect Valentine Mercy concept

One Twitter user went the extra mile to create a beautiful skin concept titled “Lovebringer Mercy”, a skin that would be the perfect way for Overwatch to celebrate the age-old holiday.

Artist Dana Herberg (@Sunshxvine) put her heart and soul into transforming Mercy into cheeky little Valentine pixie. Sporting bright pink armor trimmed with gold hearts, baby pink ruffles all tied together with a rose adorned bow, the skin’s attention to detail is astounding.

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A standout part of Sunshxvine’s design is the way that she has so easily infused little hearts into every piece of the design, making it instantly recognizable, but not over the top.Her weapon has also been decked out to mirror her cupid vibes, with her gun firing adorable but deadly hearts and her Caduceus Staff has been transformed into a romantic, ornate version of itself.

That’s not all though, because after her design proved insanely popular Sunshxvine went on to create a full 3D render that looks so good, we don’t know why Jeff hasn’t added it to Overwatch already.

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Seriously Jeff, anything you want, just make this happen.

Loverbringer Mercy Stickers

If you thought the 3D render was all, well guess again, because the skin concept itself fed into a wider idea for a Mercy themed Valentine’s Weekly Challenge (which is conveniently only a couple of months away in February).

Some possible spray concepts are included in the Lovebringer pack too, as well as a super cute icon. The sprays feature a pastel pink dove and love letter, alongside a sassy looking Mercy encased in a love heart (which you can see in the tweet at the top of this article).

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The icon aligns perfectly with the weekly challenge icons we’ve seen before, replicating Blizzard’s style perfectly.

Will we be falling in love with Mercy this Valentine’s? Who knows, but Sunshxvine’s concept is well executed, fun and beautifully encapsulates the feeling of the romantic holiday. So will you choose Lovebringer Mercy to be your Valentine?

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