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Game-breaking Overwatch bug teleports Baby D.Va on Blizzard World

Published: 12/Dec/2020 1:41

by Theo Salaun


A ridiculous, literally earth-moving glitch is affecting Overwatch players on Blizzard World. And, like some bizarre magic trick, it makes Baby D.Va eject through walls and roofs all the way to her untimely death in Blizzard World’s lake.

To paint the picture, you’re D.Va and approaching the third point of Blizzard World with overtime nearing on the timer. Your team is relying on you, your pride is relying upon you, and you are unfortunately blasted down to just a sliver of HP.

Knowing how close the game is, you prepare for a desperate attempt to regain your MEKA as Baby D.Va upon being destroyed. But, when you eject and anticipate a tough road to re-mech, you find yourself amongst the clouds with nothing but deadly water below you.


This is precisely what happened to Reddit’s ‘The_Aztecks,’ who was attacking third point, indoors on Blizzard World before suddenly teleporting to their death as Baby D.Va in the water between the first two points.

Playing mystery heroes and experienced a glitch from Overwatch

The_Aztecks, less upset than confused, titled the situation succinctly: “Playing Mystery Heroes and experienced a glitch.” It makes sense that they weren’t particularly livid about the experience, since it was a game of Mystery Heroes in the Arcade and no SR was on the line.

But commenters suggested that this bug has popped up in other modes as well. The interestingly named ‘zombiedudestalker’ had but a concise, unfortunate anecdote to share in response: “lost a ranked game to this.”


It’s not clear precisely what they mean by “this,” as no one knows exactly whether or not this bug is limited to a certain section of Blizzard World or the map more generally. But it appears to be limited to the precise moment in which Baby D.Va is ejected from the MEKA.

baby dva overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
It’s hard enough surviving as Baby D.Va, let alone when you’re dropping into a lake.

Knowing that there’s even the slightest possibility you can be teleported that far away is terrifying. But at the moment, Blizzard have yet to address the issue and it does, fortunately, appear to be very rare.

If anything though, maybe this can be an added reason to be careful with your health as a D.Va.