Diablo 2: Best builds for Amazon in Resurrected Season 7

Lauren Bergin
Diablo 2 Amazon builds resurrected

Diablo 2’s Amazon is one of the best characters in terms of flexible builds, so for those of you who can’t quite make up your mind, this powerful woman is your best bet in Resurrected.

In order to start out on your journey to save Sanctuary in Diablo 2, you’ll need to choose from one of the game’s seven different classes. One of these is the Amazon, the fearless weapon specialist who can turn the tide of battle as a one-woman army. Like the Assassin class, the Amazon is also a throwback to the Rogue character class from the original Diablo game.

If spears and bows are your thing, then we’ve got all of the best Diablo 2 Amazon builds right here. You can also see where the Amazon ranks in our Diablo 2 Resurrected tier lists.


Is the Amazon right for you?

One of the best things about the Amazon is her ability to take down her enemies from afar with the bow, or up close and personal with her spear and shield. For a lot of players, her flexibility offers the best of both worlds.

However, if you only want to slay demons from afar we recommend trying out the Sorceress, Druid, or Necromancer, as their skills are directly tailored to suit Ranged DPS players.

Best Diablo 2 Amazon builds

The Amazon’s builds can be split into two general sections: the Bowazon and the Javazon.

As expected, the Bowazon utilizes bow and crossbow skills, while the Javazon uses the spear and javelin. Starting off with the Bowzaon build and its different specializations, we’ll then move on to the Javazon builds.

A screenshot of Diablo 2 Resurrected's Amazon in game
Diablo 2’s Bowazon build will have you taking down enemies from afar with incredible precision.

Diablo 2 Amazon bow build (Bowazon)

Perfect for players who prefer a long-range DPS playstyle, the Bowazon is a master of all things archery. While the bow itself isn’t the most powerful weapon, the fact that players have more freedom to max out their favored abilities makes up for its lack of raw damage.

  • Dropping one point into Magic Arrow and Guided Arrow, while maxing out Multiple Shot and Strafe is a must.
  • Try and put a few points into Valkyrie, which summons a tanky spear user whose life, attack, and defense scale with the more points invested. This rugged meat shield is perfect for stomping out Hell’s pesky little demons.
  • We’d also recommend placing a point in Inner Sight, Dodge, Critical Strike, Slow Missiles, Evade and Avoid, and a few more into Decoy, Penetrate, and Pierce.
  • In terms of Attributes, you’ll need to max out Dexterity, with a few points going into Strength to allow you to use the best armor.

Fire & Ice Bowazon

Following the same general pattern as the Bowazon, Amazon archers can also channel the elements to cause some chaos.

  • Pierce is essential to this build, so be sure to drop a good few points in there.
  • On the firey side of life, you’ll want to max out your Immolation Arrow, Exploding Arrow, and Fire Arrow, all of which synergize together to give you an extra 15% fire damage per level.
  • Looking to cool things down? Max out Cold Arrow, Ice Arrow, and Freezing Arrow, all of which work together to give you a 12% Cold Damage boost and increase your Freeze Length by 5%.
  • Again Dexterity is key, but you’ll want to drop some points into Vitality that’ll help you out, too.

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Amazon in Diablo 2 Resurrected
The Javelin can become your greatest weapon in Diablo 2 Resurrected.


In order to make the most out of this spear-centric build, you’ll likely need to choose a specialization. However, for every Javazon build, there are a few skills that are essential to your arsenal.

  • Penetrate is going to very quickly become your friend, as it’s essential to increasing your attack rating.
  • Additionally, Pierce is a pretty good tool to have in your arsenal as well. Increasing the chance of a weapon passing through an enemy into another, we don’t suggest maxing it out, but a healthy amount of points makes a lot of sense.

Lightning Fury Amazon

If you’re looking to demolish enemies in one fell swoop by combining the elements with your martial tactics, then the Lightning Fury Amazon is the one for you. Perfect for new players, this build is the perfect boss destroyer that remains functional even in the late game.

  • This build focuses around your Jab skill, so max this out alongside Power Strike, Charged Strike, Lightning Bolt, and Lightning bolt, as these all come together to let you electrify your enemies in style.
  • Dodge, Evade, and Avoid should also have five points dropped in each, with Critical Strike accumulating 20.
  • Dexterity is at the core of this build once again, so make sure it’s maxed out.
  • You can drop some points into Vitality in the early game, as well as Strength to help you build up a solid gear foundation.

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A screenshot of Amazon's Plagazon build in Diablo 2
Run this poison-based build to deal some deadly damage to your foes.


While this build might draw a smirk from OG Diablo 2 players, the power of poison cannot be underestimated. While it doesn’t have quite the same synergies as the Thunderfury build, it still packs quite the punch.

  • As you can imagine, maxing out Plague Javelin and Poison Javelin is key to your success. The former is perfect for crowd control, and the latter provides Plague Javelin with the perfect synergy. Paired with a point in Valkyrie, Decoy, and Critical Strike, with 15 points across Dodge, Evade, Avoid, the Plagazon’s toxins will tear down her foes in no time.
  • In terms of Attributes, our focus is on Vitality this time around, with Strength and Dexterity only upgraded to the point where they give you what you need.


Coming totally out of leftfield is the Passivezon, a build that focuses entirely on the Passive abilities of your Amazon. Available to both the Bowazon and Javazon trees, this build can be incredibly powerful in the right hands.

Your focus is on maxing out Valkyrie, that tanky meat shield we mentioned earlier, alongside Decoy, Penetrate and the now-familiar Avoid and Evade.

This build is a more advanced build than the others, so we would advise that only skilled Amazon players take this one for a whirl. If you plan on doing so, be sure that your Dexterity is your main focus, alongside Vitality. 

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Remember there are various character classes in Diablo 2, including the Druid, the Necromancer, and the
Sorceress. You can also learn more about the Horadric Cube and Runewords.