Best Diablo 4 Rogue build for leveling, endgame & PvP in Season 4

Carver Fisher
Best Rogue builds diablo 4

Diablo 4’s Rogue has a variety of ranged and melee options, giving their playstyle a flexibility that other classes don’t possess. Here is the best Rogue build in Diablo 4 for leveling, endgame, and PvP in Season 4 that makes use of these skills.

Diablo 4‘s Rogue isn’t a new class to the series, but it was entirely omitted in the second and third entries. It was largely replaced by the Assassin, Amazon, and Demon Hunter classes, who used similar elements in their battle tactics, such as bows, traps, and stealth. This includes Season 4 of Diablo 4.

If you’re looking to get that Demon Hunter-esque ranged playstyle with bows, traps, smoke bombs, and dodge rolls in, then you’ll want to play as the Rogue. However, you’ll need a powerful build that makes use of the Rogue’s unique abilities. Here is the best Rogue build in Diablo 4 in the current meta for leveling, endgame, and PvP during Season 4.


diablo 4 barbarian
The returning character classes include the Barbarian, Sorcerer, Rogue, Necromancer, and Druid.

Best Rogue leveling build in Diablo 4

The Rogue class is particularly versatile and you have a good choice of both ranged and close-quarters combat.

The Penetrating Shot Rogue is an extremely powerful build that can clear a lot of enemies but also deal massive damage. It takes a little finesse, but hey would you really be playing Rogue if you weren’t into that?

Unsurprisingly this build is set mostly around the Penetrating Shot ability, as well as a few others, each designed to cause a lot of damage and clear mobs of enemies.

Here’s how we recommend you build your Rogue out as you’re leveling.

3Enhanced Puncture
4Fundamental Puncture
5Penetrating Shot
6Penetrating Shot
7Penetrating Shot
8Penetrating Shot
9Penetrating Shot
10Enhanced Penetrating Shot
11Advanced Penetrating Shot
12Shadow Step
13Enhanced Shadow Step
14Disciplined Shadow Step
16Enhanced Dash
17Methodical Dash
18Dark Shroud
19Dark Shroud
20Dark Shroud
21Dark Shroud
22Dark Shroud
23Enhanced Dark Shroud
24Subverting Dark Shroud
25Shadow Imbuement
26Enhanced Shadow Imbuement
27Blended Shadow Imbuement
31Siphoning Strike
32Siphoning Strike
33Stutter Step
34Stutter Step
35Weapon Mastery
36Weapon Mastery
37Weapon Mastery
47Shadow Crash
48Consuming Shadows
1 – RenownInnervation
2 – RenownInnervation
3 – RenownAdrenaline Rush
4 – RenownAdrenaline Rush
5 – RenownAdrenaline Rush
6 – RenownMalice
7 – RenownMalice
8 – RenownHaste
9 – RenownHaste
10 – RenownPrecision

Legendary Aspects

While there are many great Legendary Aspects in the Codex of Power that will help this build, there are three in particular that you need to prioritize for this build. Here’s what they are and where to find them:

Offensive Aspect of the Expectant – (Underroot, Scosglen)
‍Rapid Offensive Aspect – (Buried Halls – Dry Steppes)
‍Trickshot Offensive Aspect (Bastion of Faith, Hawezar)

Each one will essentially buff your damage in various ways and make your Rogue build even more deadly.

We’d recommend not imprinting these Aspects on your weapons, as you’re likely to replace these many times on your Leveling journey. Instead, add offensive Aspects to your jewelry, this way, it can continue to serve you well into endgame.

A Rogue in the loading screen in Diablo 4

Best Rogue endgame build

The best endgame build for the Rogue in Diablo 4 is the Rapid Fire Rogue, a multishot specialist that’s very versatile and a build that revels in causing damage from afar.

Remember, you’ll need to respec your stats to create the best Edgame build for the Rogue, but the good news is you’ll already have all your stat points unlocked.

Below will show you where to allocate them, but you can mostly do it in any way you wish, the table is simply a guide. Here’s how to assemble this endgame build:

Active SkillsPassive Skills
Heartseeker (Enhanced Heartseeker, Primary Heartseeker)Stutter Step (3 points)
Advanced Rapid Fire (5 points, Enhanced, Advanced)Weapon Mastery (3 points)
DashAgile (3 points)
ConcealmentMending Obscurity
Dark Shroud (5 points, Enhanced, Subverted)Exploit (3 points)
Smoke Grenade (Enhanced, Countering)Malice (3 points)
Cold Imbuement (Enhanced, Mixed)Friged Finesse
Innervation (3 points)
Alchemists’s Fortune (3 points)
Adrenaline Rush
Haste (3 points)
Impetus (3 points)

Paragon Board

Follow the below path on the Paragon board once your stat points have been allocated:

  • Starting board (activating Skillfull, Lawless, Resilience)
  • Deadly Ambush board (Activating Trapper, Engineering, Cunning)
  • Cheap Shot board (Activating Devious, Wiles, Safeguard, Oppress)
  • Tricks of the Trade board (Activating Brawler, Focused, Havoc)
  • No Witnessess board (Activating Knowledge, Training, Exploit)


Here are the Glyphs we’d recommend activating as your work through the Paragon board:

Select at Level 15

  • ‍Exploit
  • ‍Combat
  • ‍Control
  • ‍Canny
  • ‍Ranger
  • ‍Efficacy

Select at Level 21

  • Combat
  • ‍Control
  • ‍Ranger
  • ‍Canny
  • ‍Exploit
  • ‍Efficacy

Legendary Aspects

As this is an endgame build, it pays to unlock as many Legendary Aspects for the class as possible. Try to unlock the following Aspects as soon as possible to take advantage of their buffs, as each will have its own use within an endgame build:

  • ‍Rapid Aspect – (Buried Halls, Dry Stepps)
  • ‍Eluding Aspect – (Caldera, Fractured Peaks)
  • Disobedience – (Halls of the Damned, Kehjistan)
  • Edgemaster’s – (Oldstones, Scosglen)
  • Might – (Dark Ravine, Dry Steppes)
  • Cheat’s – (Luban’s Rest, Scosglen)
  • Aspect of the Expectant – (Underroot, Scosglen)
  • Corruption – (Renegade’s Retreat, Kehjistan)
  • Retribution – (Abandoned Mineworks (Kehjistan)

You can unlock the following Aspects by gambling Obols:

  • ‍Aspect of Elements
  • ‍Aspect of Repeating
  • ‍Umbrous Aspect

Endgame Item build

Here are the items you should aim to equip for your endgame Rogue build in Diablo 4:

Item nameItem type
Runic Skullcap of Might (Socket with Ruby)Helm
Umbrous Runic Mail (Socket with Rubys)Chest Armor
Runic Gloves of Concussive Strikes Gloves
Frostbitten Runic Legends (Socket with Rubys)Pants
Hectic Runic CleatsBoots
Edgemaster’s Warcaster (Socket with Emeralds)Main Hand
Obsidian Blade of the Expectant (Socket with Emerald)Close Combat 1
Rapid Obsidian Blade (Socket with Emerald)Close Combat 2
Amulet of Elements (Socket with Topaz)Amulet
Band Repeating (Socket with Topaz)Ring 1
Accelerating Loop (Socket with Skull)Ring 2

Best Rogue PvP build

The best PvP Rogue build in Diablo 4 in the current meta is also the Penetrating Shot Rogue. Therefore, to make the best possible Rogue for PvP battles in Diablo 4 then craft the Leveling build above, and combine it with items and Paragon information from the Endgame build

Don’t forget, Diablo 4 currently has five classes, including the Barbarian, Necromancer, Druid, Rogue, Sorcerer as well as our Diablo 4 tier list ranking all the builds this season.