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New World devs reveal big change to items & gold after permaban wave

Published: 16/Nov/2021 19:51 Updated: 16/Nov/2021 20:08

by Connor Knudsen


New World’s devs have finally cracked down on those exploiting the game. The result will have a massive effect on gold, items, and the overall economy of Aeternum.

New World devs have been aggressively trying to patch the game’s many exploits and bugs since its release in September of 2021.

While reviews of their job so far have been split, it’s hard to argue that the team has not been diligent in trying to track down cheaters and make amends for their rocky start.

That trend continues as devs reveal they have permanently banned a massive amount of players and have taken their duped gold and items down with them.


New World devs issue massive perma bans

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New World devs continue to aggressively go after cheaters and dupers.

In a developer corner post on November 15, New World devs revealed that they have now permanently banned over 1,600 players that maliciously used the game’s gold and item duplication exploits.

Devs have also taken any duped items or gold that were made using these exploits out of the game, claiming that 98% of everything duplicated has been removed.

The 2% remaining accounts for players, “who stumbled upon the duping issue but did not take exploitive action, and will not be banned,” according to devs.

As this post was released, the Trading Post and all forms of gold transference are still down, so it is unclear if more bans will be on the way soon, or if those have already been addressed.


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New World is about to look a whole lot different, thanks to bans and incoming new content.

On the horizon, it’s likely that New World will begin to feel like a much different game.

Cheaters being banned and their gold being removed from the economy should have a massive impact on item value and trading, and all of the new PTR content should prove to make a big splash when released.

If data mines taken from the PTR are any indicator, Aeternum may be about to have a little bit of a glow-up heading into 2022. And with the game’s start being as rocky as it has been, positive changes are certainly needed.