Asmongold claims New World has more “game-breaking” bugs than any other MMO

asmongold-new-world-gamebreaking-bugsAmazon Games / Twitch: Asmongold

Asmongold has claimed New World has more “game-breaking” bugs than any other MMO after the devs were forced to disable the trading post yet again due to another duplication glitch.

New World has had its fair share of bugs and exploits since it launched. Gold exploits have arguably had the most impact, though. They effectively broke the economy, forcing the devs to disable Trading Posts on November 2.

It seemed like Amazon Games were finally able to nip the issues in the bud in New World update 1.0.5. The community dubbed it a “game-saving” update. Shroud and Asmongold praised the way they handled it, too.

However, another item duplication glitch emerged on November 15. The devs had to disable the Trading Post yet again. As a result, players have started losing faith in their ability to rectify things. Asmongold is annoyed about it, too.

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New World players are still encountering bugs almost two months after its launch.

“The people that run this game are f**king morons,” he said. “Like, the people that program the game… actual f**king morons. Like, they can’t even manage to keep duping out of the game. There’s been so many exploits and sh*t like this.”

It’s a stark contrast to when he praised them for “doing their best” to meet expectations. At the peak of his frustration, he added: “This game has had more bugs in it than any game I’ve ever played! Not only that, but the bugs are game-breaking.”

He listed some examples, including invulnerability and infinite gold, and likened them to cheat codes. “All of the things that are cheat codes in Warcraft II are functions in New World. It has more bugs than an anthill!”

It’s not the first time Asmon has been critical of the game and the development team. He didn’t hold back in his definitive review, although he concluded that “nobody plays 500 hours of a game they hate.”

Still, he believes there’s room for improvement, especially ironing out “game-breaking” bugs in what is supposed to be a flagship Amazon title.