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New World

New World players losing faith as Amazon disables trading posts again

Published: 15/Nov/2021 16:42

by Lauren Bergin


New World hasn’t quite got off to the flying start that Amazon likely expected, and yet another issue with the title’s coin transfer system has seen the trading posts close their doors yet again. 

Amazon’s MMORPG, New World, was set to breathe new life into the supposedly stagnant genre. With Twitch stars such as Asmongold and shroud making Aeternum their new home, the title continues to divide and conquer.

After a rise in cheating and exploits, the devs were forced to temporarily disable the in-game Trading Posts. Despite this, a select few among the community are still using the stores to make life a nightmare for their fellow adventurers.


This, in turn, has forced Amazon to disable the game’s coin transfer system (including the Trading Posts) for a third time, as hackers were using it to dupe in-game trophies.

New World player crafts materials
Amazon Games
New World’s coin transfer system has been pulled once again.

New World trading posts disabled for third time

In short, trophies are used to upgrade your character’s effectiveness in battle. So, for example, the Angry Earth Combat Trophy gives players increased damage against Angry Earth enemies. These require a whole slew of resources to craft, and upgrading them costs even more of your time and hard-earned cash.

However, it seems yet another in-game glitch is allowing sneaky players to duplicate the items and sell them for insane prices. As the issue continued to spiral out of control, Amazon Games quickly made the decision to pull the system from the game.


This very quickly earned them the wrath of the game’s fanbase, who are sick and tired of having their experience interrupted. “Coin transfer has been disabled,” fumes one fan on the title’s subreddit. “Includes trading post and all other forms of transfer, just like before. Probably due to trophy duping.”

Coin transfer has been disabled from newworldgame

“Can’t wait to see all the dupers get banned… for 24 hours and get to keep all the duped items/gold… again,” rages one player, criticizing Amazon’s current ruleset. “Seriously this is so f**ked up,” another writes, lamenting that “I am losing faith in this game.”


A final comment notes that the cheaters themselves aren’t the ones suffering when Amazon disables key systems, it’s the actual player base. “Legit players are having to deal with the consequences. Should be a hardware ID ban for the perpetrators.”

As New World’s ongoing teething issues continue to throw the game into disarray, it’ll be interesting to see if Amazon take a harsher stance on the ones exploiting these systems – after all, the emerald pastures of Aeternum are far from glittering at the moment.