Asmongold shares full New World review: “Nobody plays 500 hours of a game they hate”

Asmongold New World full reviewAsmongold/YouTube

After playing more than 500 hours of New World, streamer Asmongold has come out with his definitive review of Amazon’s new MMO.

New World is one of the hottest topics in MMO gaming right now. While it has seen its fair share of issues since launch, Asmon still put hundreds of hours into the game before coming to a final opinion.

While acknowledging there have been a multitude of issues with the game, he did praise the New World team for “doing their best” to meet players’ expectations.

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New World: Terrible state, great foundation

new world server populationAmazon Games
New World might not be in a perfect state right now, but Asmon thinks the game has a great foundation to build on going forward.

Asmongold released the nearly hour-long review for the game on November 12. While it’s nowhere close to perfect just over a month after release, the MMO streamer thinks it does have a great base to build on.

“I think New World is in a terrible state, but has a great foundation,” he said in the review. “For all people that are huge fans of New World, I am among you. No one plays 500 hours of a game they hate.”

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In the detailed review, which we highly recommend watching if you’re a big fan of New World, Asmon goes over everything from the “terrible” endgame content, to leveling, gathering, professions, exploits, and what he likes most.

“Endgame progression loops are the worst in any real game that I’ve ever played before,” the streamer revealed. “It’s one of the worst in-game progression systems that’s ever been conceived in an MMO before.”

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom, as we’ve mentioned, Asmongold is actually a fan of New World, or what it could be eventually.

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“Being out in the world, and the open world exploration of New World, is the best thing about the game,” he added. “The first 30 levels of New World is probably the most fun you’re going to have.”

So, what will make the MMORPG better? According to Asmongold it’s more content, especially once players reach the endgame, and a better understanding of what devs plan on adding, and when.

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