How to respec in New World: Reset skills, cost, more

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New World gives players a second chance at stat allocation with its respec feature. Here’s how to reset your character’s skills and when is best to do it.

Amazon Games’ New World offers a lot of unique features for players to enjoy, including the ability to build and re-build your character if you’re not happy the first time.

This feature is called respec and it allows players to test out multiple different stat and weapon combinations, and then reset them, as they journey through Aeternum Island.

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But, wait too long, and doing so can get annoyingly expensive.

How to Respec in New World

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What builds will you try out, thanks to the respec feature?

Players can respec both Weapon Mastery and their character’s stats in New World, both of which are pretty straightforward.

This is especially true at lower levels, where you can respec any number of times until reaching certain level caps.

This will allow you to experiment with a lot of different combinations and ways to play, something that is especially advantageous at low levels.

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How to Respec Stats in New World

new world respecAmazon Games
This is what the screen will look like for respecing Attributes!

To respec stats, players will do the following:

  1. Press K to open the Character menu, select Attributes
  2. Click the Respec button at the bottom of the screen, below Constitution
  3. If you are below level 20, this will be free, otherwise, it will cost gold

How to Respec Weapon Mastery in New World

weapon mastery respec new worldAmazon Games
Each weapon can be respec’d for free until you’ve hit level 10 mastery, then it will cost you. The respec button can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

To respec Weapon Mastery, players will undergo a similar process:

  1. On the Character menu, select Weapon Mastery
  2. Select which weapon you’d like to respec
  3. At the bottom of the screen, under where you confirm spent points, there is a Respec button that can be clicked
  4. This will be free if the Weapon Mastery for that particular weapon is below 10, anything above will cost gold

Each of the game’s attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, Constitution) interacts with and buffs different weapons in New World.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your builds, whether you fancy the Great Axe or the Ice Gauntlet, check to make sure the correct stat is being upgraded.

And, if you’ve messed up thus far, remember, you can always respec!

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New World allows players to change a lot about their experience, but not everything. This applies to faction transfers and server transfers, but players will not be able to change their player name or appearance once they’ve made them. So, choose carefully!

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