New World Class guide: Skills, weapon mastery, attributes

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New World is unique when it comes to building your character. Instead of having a class, each character’s build boils down to a combination of attributes, weapon mastery, and skills.

Amazon Games’ MMO, New World, has made waves since its release in late September 2021. With over 1 million players logging in every day, the game has found a way to separate itself from the pack and continue to gain traction, despite some early bugs and exploits.

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One of New World’s greatest distinguishing factors is its classless and fluid character builder, which relies on weapon mastery and attributes over pre-made classes.

Does New World have classes?

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Will you choose to be a Ranger in New World, using Dexterity and a bow? Or, will some other build suit your fancy?

In short, no, New World does not have classes for players to choose from when they make their character.

Instead, your adventurer will level up their attributes and weapon mastery and you will be able to decide your build as you go, made even easier thanks to the game’s respec feature.

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Each weapon has two builds that players can choose from, as well as certain stats, or attributes that serve to bolster different weapons. This allows for players to mix and match, and evolve over time, rather than being locked into one sort of weapon or another.

Players under level 20 can freely experiment with different weapon builds and stat allocations, due to the ability to reallocate those stats for free until reaching level 20, or level 10 mastery on a certain weapon. After that, it’s a good idea to pick attributes that correlate to the weapon you are planning to use long-term (i.e. Great Axe and Strength; Life Staff and Focus).

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new world fishing skillNew World’s character builder allows for lots of freedom in how you play the MMO.

Otherwise, there’s a lot of freedom in the other aspects of how you build your character as well. Some may prefer the serene nature of fishing in Aeternum, while others may want to get their logging and mining stats up so they can craft higher-tier weapons.

From factions to fishing, New World is a game that truly allows for fans to play their own way, which should prove to produce lots of interesting and unique character builds over the MMO’s lifespan.

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For more build ideas and news on the game, be sure to check out the other New World content at Dexerto.

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