NBA 2K24: How to unlock 98 OVR Rush Austin Reaves in MyTeam

Chris Studley
NBA 2K24 Rush Austin Reaves

NBA 2K24 MyTeam players can now grind towards a 98 OVR Rush card of Lakers shooting guard Austin Reaves. Here’s how to get it.

In late February, the NBA 2K24 team added a new 98 OVR Rush Austin Reaves in MyTeam. And, this card is fully obtainable through the completion of Agendas.

However, completing all the Agendas in time will take some grinding and planning during Season 5.

Here’s how to unlock Reaves.

NBA 2K24 Rush Austin Reaves stats

How to complete Rush 1 Agendas in NBA 2K24 MyTeam

To unlock 98 OVR Rush Austin Reaves in MyTeam, NBA 2K24 players can complete six different Agendas in order to get the card. And, the completion of each Agenda will also yield an additional player reward.

Here’s a look at the six Agendas:

Make three dunks with a player in an Unlimited or Salary Cap game 15 times96 OVR Jerry Stackhouse
Get three blocks with a player in a Domination or Triple Threat Offline game 30 times96 OVR Jaren Jackson Jr.
Get 100 rebounds with Suns player over multiple Multiplayer games94 OVR Danny Manning
Get 150 assists with Lakers players over multiple Single Player games94 OVR Diamond Gail Goodrich
Make 20 3-pointers with Wild West players over multiple games over multiple Triple Threat Online or co-op games91 OVR Lamond Murray
Score 60 points in the paint with Wild West players over multiple Triple Threat Offline games91 OVR Thaddeus Young

For the Wild West Agendas, one can collect cards from this series through the market. We should note that 96 OVR Baron Davis (70,000 VC/147,000 MT) and 91 OVR Jose Alvarado (5,000 VC/10,500 MT) have excellent 3-point stats.

For those who’re looking for rebounders for the Suns Agenda, 91 OVR Breakout Jusuf Nurkic (11,250 VC/23,625 MT) and 91 OVR Inferno DeAndre Ayton (7,500 VC/15,750 MT) both are big men with height.

These Agendas will expire on March 12.

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