NBA 2K24: How to unlock 95 OVR Level Up Kyle Korver in MyTeam

Chris Studley
NBA 2K24 Kyle Korver 95 OVR

Here’s a look at the NBA 2K24 MyTeam challenge that features a 95 OVR Level Up Kyle Korver as the final reward.

The NBA 2K24 team has released several cards that can be obtained through Agendas in recent weeks and the latest batch was dropped on January 30.

2K24 players now have the opportunity to add one of the best sharpshooters in the 21st century, in the form of a 95 OVR Level Up Kyle Korver.

Here’s a look at how NBA 2K24 players can unlock Korver, plus the other rewards in this challenge.

NBA 2K24 Level Up Kyle Korver stats

How to get Level Up Kyle Korver

Before the card appeared on the market, one had to complete four different Agendas To unlock 95 OVR Level Up Kyle Korver in NBA 2K24 MyTeam,. Here’s a look at the four:

Get 200 rebounds with power forwards over multiple games94 OVR Level Up Jermaine O’Neal
Make 100 3-pointers with shooting guards over multiple games91 OVR Level Up C.J. McCollum
Score 300 points in the paint with small forwards over multiple Multiplayer games91 OVR Level Up Alex English
Get 50 blocks over multiple games89 OVR DeSagana Diop

As indicated by the table, the completion of these Agendas will also yield an 89 OVR DeSagana Diop, 91 OVR Alex English, 91 OVR C.J. McCollum, and 94 OVR Jermaine O’Neal.

It’s a time sync per se, as players will simply need to accumulate stats with MyTeam players over the timespan of a week. And aside from the 300 points in the paint one — which isn’t a terribly large amount for those who play online regularly — it is doable.

Just make sure to add big men who can block, as well as small and power forwards who can do damage in the paint.

And as noted by the 2K team, all cards in this set can evolve.

This set of Agendas were available until February 6. An option to buy Kyle Korver on the market is now available, as it can be purchased for 115,000 VC/241,500 MT.

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