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Minecraft Curse of Vanishing: Everything you need to know

Published: 26/Sep/2021 17:13

by Nick Farrell


Minecraft has a ton of sneaky little enchantments and other variables that could affect your gameplay forever, and one of them is the deadly Curse of Vanishing.

While 2021 has been a dry year in gaming, many of us gravitated back towards the beloved game, Minecraft. Originally released back in 2011, the game has been soaring with content lately, especially with part one of the Caves & Cliffs update.

With new NPCs and other blocks being added, there’s certain aspects of Minecraft that a lot of players aren’t aware of right away.

The Curse of Vanishing is one of these, and it’ll certainly be a thorn in your side if you don’t know what the curse does.


enchantment table
The Curse of Vanishing can be obtained via the Enchantment Table.

What is the Curse of Vanishing?

The Curse of Vanishing is basically one of the few curses that players may encounter within Minecraft, and its effects will come into play when the player dies during one of their Minecraft saves.

If you have any items with the Curse of Vanishing and you do die, the items will disappear entirely from the Minecraft world forever.

Players will be able to get this curse from enchantment tables, or through looting certain enemies within their Minecraft world. So you don’t know when you’re going to run across this curse for sure.

As well, this curse can be placed on a wide array of items, and it becomes especially spooky when equipped to a Pumpkin Head!


How to get rid of the Curse of Vanishing

Minecraft curse
Some of your best items may be affected by this curse.

If you manage to come across the Curse of Vanishing and it’s equipped on one of the better items in your inventory, you may want to know if it’s possible to get rid of this curse.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to remove this curse via Grindstone like you would others. But, you’ll be able to remove the effects of the curse if you place the item within a Shulker Bunker.

This is currently the only way to remove the effects of the curse, so it’s a real bummer if you happen to snag this curse on one of your useful items.


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