How to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft – Recipe guide

minecraft bookshelf guideMojang

There’s a wide array of blocks within Minecraft, and for the most part, they all have their own unique purposes within the game. This is the case with Minecraft’s overly important Bookshelf block! 

Minecraft has stayed atop the gaming world since its release over a decade ago, and this is primarily due to the ample amount of content for players to dive into, along with the consistent updates Mojang put out to players.

With new blocks being added each day, there’s a ton of options you can go about when building a house. But, no matter what you build, you’re going to need to craft some Bookshelves in order to enhance your enchanting.

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We’re going to run over how to craft a Bookshelf in Minecraft, along with the materials you’ll need!


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How to craft a Bookshelf in Minecraft

Bookshelves have been touted as one of the most useful blocks in the game for various reasons, but most notably, they give the player a chance to receive higher enchantment tiers when they’re using an Enchantment table.

Placing more of these Bookshelves around a table will greatly increase the chance to earn some of the best enchantments in the game, and they’re a rather nice block to just have around your home.

If you’re looking to craft one, the process is relatively easy, as all you’re going to need is the following materials.

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  • 6 wooden blocks
    • Can be any type of wood
  • 3 Books
    • This is crafted by using an animal hide, along with three pieces of paper
bookshelf recipeMojang
Players typically have an abundance of Bookshelves in their homes!

Once you have the above materials, simply follow the crafting guide above which is just the top and bottom rows filled with the wooden blocks. Then, place the three books across the middle row, and that’ll net you one Bookshelf.

Now that you know the recipe for crafting a Bookshelf, it’s best to get knowledge of some other important Minecraft crafting recipes, which we’ve listed down below.

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