Minecraft fox guide: How to tame foxes, breeding tips & where to find them

how to tame a fox in minecraftMojang

Foxes are adorable creatures that you are bound to encounter when playing Minecraft. If you are looking to add another pet to your village then look no further! 

Throughout your Minecraft journey, you are bound to come across an abundance of animals within the wild. Cows, horses, wolfs and even Foxes are among some of the most commonly encountered animals that players stumble upon when they are exploring.

While normally players would simply have a cat or wolf as a pet within Minecraft, you are actually able to tame and breed Foxes! Although it may be a bit tricky, we are going to cover all the details regarding this process!

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Minecraft cats Mojang
Cats are one of the best pets!

Where can I find Foxes?

If you are not aware already, foxes only spawn during the night while you are playing Minecraft. If you have not run into foxes before, this is probably why, as most players go to sleep during the night so they do not have to fight monsters.

The Taiga biome is where foxes primarily spawn throughout Minecraft, and they can be found in snowy, giant tree or normal Taiga biomes. You may encounter two types of Foxes in Minecraft, as white Foxes spawn within the snowy Taiga biome; so keep this in mind when trying to encounter these animals.

Another note to take into consideration is that foxes always spawn in packs of two to four; so beware when first trying to tame them. As you will have to tame more than one Fox to be on the safe side!

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Can you tame Foxes?

Similar to most animals in Minecraft, there is a process that allows you to tame these animals so that you can have them as a pet for your home!

How to tame Foxes in Minecraft

Contrary to other methods of taming, you are actually going to need to make these foxes breed before you can tame one of them. As the criteria for taming a fox requires a brand new fox, rather than an already existing one within the wild.

Sweet berry minecraft Mojang
Sweet Berries are the key to taming Foxes

In order to begin the taming/breeding process you are going to need to acquire some Sweet Berries; these berries can be found in the Taiga biome, the same location as foxes spawn. Once you have some Sweet Berries in your inventory, you are then going to give one to the two foxes you want to breed.

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Once you have given each fox a Sweet Berry, then it becomes a waiting game. Over some time the foxes will eventually breed, and a brand new fox will spawn in front of you. This brand new fox is for some reason loyal to you, and if you want the newly bred Fox to follow you back to your village, you are going to need to attach a Lead to it.

How to craft a Lead in Minecraft

Leads are rather simple to craft, as all you are going to need is four pieces of String and a Slimeball. The latter can be found by killing Slimes found in the wild. When you have these materials, you are going to want to place three Strings in the top left corner of the grid, and the final piece in the bottom right. Finally, place the Slimeball in the middle of the crafting grid, and this should yield two Leads.

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MC LeadMojang
Leads are useful for many purposes in Minecraft

Foxes can be a nice addition to your village, and they will blend nicely with the pets you already have!