Every TFT Set 6.5 champion & trait added in Neon Nights Mid-Set update

Andrew Amos
Jarvan IV and Brand in TFT Set 6.5

Riot has revealed the new champions and traits coming in TFT Set 6.5, with the Neon Nights Mid-Set update set to introduce more than 20 new units and plenty of new synergies. Here’s a list of them all, as well as what they do.

TFT Set 6.5 is around the corner. Named Neon Nights, the Mid-Set update is primed to be the biggest in Teamfight Tactics history, with more than 20 new champions being added, a handful of traits, and more innovation than ever.

With a bevy of changes to the Gizmos & Gadgets roster, here’s what we know about all the new TFT Set 6.5 champions and traits coming in the Neon Nights Mid-Set update.

Silco staring at camera in Arcane
Silco is joining the Teamfight Tactics roster as the game’s first exclusive champion release in TFT Set 6.5.


New champions in TFT Set 6.5

There are 59 champions total in TFT Set 6.5, 21 of whom are new with the Neon Nights Mid-Set update. A lot of the game’s primary carries have been refreshed, with the likes of Ahri, Lucian, Zeri, and Tryndamere coming in to fill some voids.

New League of Legends champion Renata Glasc and Arcane antagonist Silco will be debuting this set alongside MOBA stalwarts Alistar and Corki. Rammus now remains the only champion who is yet to be added to the autobattler.

Numbers correct as of TFT patch 12.5b.

Ahri in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Traits: Syndicate Arcanist
  • Ability ⁠— Orbs of Deception: Ahri fires an orb in a line, dealing 120/180/450 magic damage to all enemies it passes through on the way out and the way back. Ahri fires 1/1/2 additional orb(s) for each time she has cast this combat. Enemies already hit by an orb take 60% damage for each subsequent orb.

Alistar in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Traits: Hextech Colossus
  • Ability ⁠— Pulverize: Alistar charges through the enemy team, dealing 150/250/1000 magic damage, knocking them back, and stunning them for 2/2.5/8 seconds. He then taunts nearby enemies.

Ashe in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Syndicate Sniper
  • Ability ⁠— Volley: Ashe fires a volley of 8 arrows centered on her target, dealing 100% of her Attack Damage as physical damage per arrow and slowing their Attack Speed by 15% for three seconds.

Brand in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Debonair Arcanist
  • Ability ⁠— Sear: Brand launches a fireball at the nearest enemy, lighting them ablaze for four seconds and dealing 135/175/235 magic damage. If the enemy is already on fire, they take 162/225/300 bonus magic damage which stuns them for 1/1.5/2 seconds.
    • VIP Bonus: Fires a second fireball at a different nearby target dealing 45% reduced damage.

Corki in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Yordle Twinshot
  • Ability ⁠— Bombardment: Corki fires a missile at his target that explodes on impact, dealing 200/260/333 magic damage to nearby enemies.

Draven in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Traits: Debonair Challenger
  • Ability ⁠— Spinning Axes: Draven starts spinning an axe, empowering his next attack to deal 170/180/400% of his Attack Damage plus 120/150/400
    bonus physical damage. The axe will return to his original location after striking the target. If Draven catches it, he will empower the axe again. Draven can spin up to 2 axes at a time.
    • Passive: Draven ignores 25% of his target’s Armor.
    • VIP Bonus: Draven gains infinite attack range and ignores 25% of his target’s Armor.

Gnar in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Socialite Yordle Striker
  • Ability ⁠— GNAR!: Gnar transforms into Mega Gnar for the rest of combat. Mega Gnar throws a boulder at the farthest enemy within boulder range, dealing 175% of his Attack Damage plus 150/200/300 bonus damage as physical damage to all enemies it passes through. While in Mega Gnar form, Gnar is melee, gains 500/750/1200 Health, and his mana costs are reduced by 20.

Irelia in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Traits: Scrap Striker
  • Ability ⁠— Bladesurge: Irelia dashes to her target, striking them for 180% of her Attack Damage plus 100/150/500 bonus damage as physical damage. If this kills the target, she Bladesurges again at the lowest Health enemy.

Jarvan IV in TFT Set 6.5

Jarvan IV

  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Hextech Striker
  • Ability ⁠— Ageless Standard: Jarvan calls down his standard to a nearby location, granting all nearby allies bonus 40/50/70% Attack Speed for 5 seconds.

Kha'Zix in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Traits: Mutant Assassin
  • Ability ⁠— Void Assault: Kha’Zix leaps towards the lowest Health enemy, striking them for 180/185/200% of his Attack Damage plus 175/225/500 physical damage and increasing their maximum Mana by 50% until they cast.

Lucian in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Hextech Twinshot
  • Ability ⁠— Relentless Pursuit: Lucian dashes away from his current target and fires 2/2/3 shots at nearby enemies that deal 175/275/300 magic damage.

Morgana in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Syndicate Enchanter
  • Ability ⁠— Soul Shackles: Morgana grants herself a 475/575/675 shield for three seconds and shackles herself to all enemies in a two hex radius. She then deals 150/225/325 magic damage per second to them, as long as the shield holds. If the shield expires without being broken, all targets are stunned for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds. If the shield is broken, Morgana instead refunds herself 30 mana.

Nocturne in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Hextech Assassin
  • Ability ⁠— Unspeakable Horror: Nocturne terrifies his target, stunning them with fear for 2/2.5/3 seconds and dealing 190/300/450 magic damage over the duration.

Rek'Sai in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Mutant Bruiser Striker
  • Ability ⁠— Furious Bite: Rek’Sai bites her target, dealing 125% of her Attack Damage plus 100/150/200 bouns damage, healing herself for 200/225/400. If Rek’sai has already bit her target, she heals for 275/350/600 health instead.

Renata Glasc in TFT Set 6.5

Renata Glasc

  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Traits: Chemtech Scholar
  • Ability ⁠— Toxic Wave: Renata unleashes a toxic wave towards the largest group of nearby enemies, poisoning all enemies in its path for 15 seconds. Poisoned enemies suffer 15% reduced Attack Speed and take 40/65/220 magic damage per second. Damage dealt by the poison can stack.

Sejuani in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Hextech Bruiser Enforcer
  • Ability ⁠— Fury of the North: Sejuani signals Bristle to charge, dealing 275/400/650 magic damage and stunning her target for 1.5/2/3 seconds. She then gains Frost Armor, granting her 80/120/200 Armor and Magic Resist for four seconds.

Senna in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Socialite Enchanter
  • Ability ⁠— Piercing Darkness: Senna fires a beam in the direction of her target, dealing 150% of her Attack Damage plus 80/120/180 as physical damage to all enemies hit. For each enemy hit, she heals the lowest health ally for 50% of the damage dealt.

Silco in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 5 gold
  • Traits: Mastermind Scholar
  • Ability ⁠— Unstable Concoction: Silco injects an unstable concoction into 1/1/10 of his lowest Health allies, granting them 100% maximum Health, 80/175/666% bonus Attack Speed, and immunity to crowd control for eight seconds. When the concoction wears off, unstable units die, dealing 250/500/5000 magic damage to nearby enemies.

Sivir in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Traits: Hextech Striker
  • Ability ⁠— On the Hunt: For the next 5 seconds, Sivir grants herself 50/75/200% bonus Attack Speed and her attacks bounce up to 4/5/9 times, dealing 40% of her Attack Damage to enemies hit.

Syndra in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Debonair Scholar
  • Ability ⁠— Force of Will: Syndra flings the nearest enemy towards the farthest enemy, dealing 225/300/425 magic damage to all nearby enemies upon impact, and stunning the thrown target for 2/2.5/3 seconds.
    • VIP Bonus: Force of Will’s impact area is larger and knocks up affected enemies for 1.5 seconds.

Tryndamere in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Chemtech Challenger
  • Ability ⁠— Spinning Slash: Tryndamere spins in a line towards the most enemies, dealing 150% of his Attack Damage plus 50/75/100 bonus damage to enemies in his path and empowering his next three attacks to deal 25% more damage.

Zeri in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 5 gold
  • Traits: Debonair Sniper
  • Ability ⁠— Lightning Crash: Zeri charges herself up with electricity for 6 seconds. While electrified, she aims at the farthest enemy, her attacks pierce, and she dashes after every shot.
    • Passive: Zeri’s attacks fire 5/5/30 bullets, each dealing 16% of her Attack Damage as physical damage plus 11/22/55 bonus magic damage to the first unit hit.
    • VIP Bonus: Zeri’s Lightning Nova’s radius is doubled.

Returning champions in TFT Set 6.5

Blitzcrank TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Scrap Bodyguard
  • Ability ⁠— Rocket Grab: Blitzcrank pulls the farthest enemy, dealing 150/300/900 magic damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. His next attack after pulling knocks up for 1 second. Allies within range prefer attacking Blitzcrank’s target.

Braum TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Traits: Syndicate Bodyguard
  • Ability ⁠— Vault Breaker: Braum slams his vault door into the ground, creating a fissure towards his target. Enemies within two hexes of Braum, and those struck by the fissure, are stunned for 2/2.75/8 seconds and take 100/125/1000 magic damage.

Caitlyn in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Enforcer Sniper
  • Ability ⁠— Ace in the Hole: Caitlyn takes aim at the farthest enemy, firing a deadly bullet towards them that deals 800/1200/2000 magic damage to the first enemy it hits.

Camille TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Clockwork Challenger
  • Ability ⁠— Defensive Sweep: Camille gains a shield blocking 300/400/600 damage over four seconds, then sweeps her leg, dealing 150/200/300 magic damage to enemies in a cone. While this shield holds, Camille’s attacks restore 30 Health.

Cho'Gath TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Mutant Colossus Bruiser
  • Ability ⁠— Feast: Cho’Gath devours the lowest Health enemy within range, dealing 850/950/1050 magic damage. If this kills the target, Cho’Gath gains a stack of Feast, up to 6/12/999. Each stack of Feast grants 2% bonus Health and size permanently.

Darius TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Syndicate Bodyguard
  • Ability ⁠— Decimate: Darius swings his axe in a circle, dealing 100/150/200 magic damage, then heals himself for 50/75/100 health for each enemy hit.

Ekko TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Scrap Assassin Innovator
  • Ability ⁠— Parallel Convergence: Ekko invokes an afterimage that bats a device towards the largest group of units. Upon landing, it deals 150/200/350 magic damage to enemies within and applies 35/35/50% reduced movement speed for 4 seconds. Allies inside gain 30/50/70% bonus Attack Speed for 4 seconds.

Ezreal TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Scrap Innovator
  • Ability ⁠— Mystic Shot: Ezreal fires a missile at his target, dealing 25/50/100 magic damage. If the missile hits, he grants himself 20% bonus stacking Attack Speed, up to 100% at 5 stacks.

Galio TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 5 gold
  • Traits: Socialite Colossus Bodyguard
  • Ability ⁠— Colossal Entrance: Galio becomes invulnerable and leaps into the sky before crashing down on the largest group of enemies. Enemies within a large radius take 150/225/9001 magic damage and are knocked into the sky and stunned for 1/1.5/10 seconds. The lower the enemy’s maximum Health is compared to Galio’s, the further they are knocked up.
    • Passive: Galio’s critical strikes slam the ground, dealing 100/150/500 bonus magic damage to enemies around his target.

Gangplank TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Mercenary Twinshot
  • Ability ⁠— Parrrley: Gangplank shoots his target, dealing 225/250/300% of his Attack damage plus 120/160/225 bonus damage. If this kills a champion, Gangplank plunders 1 gold.

Illaoi TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Mercenary Bruiser
  • Ability ⁠— Harsh Lesson: Illaoi slams her target, linking her soul to it for 5 seconds and dealing 175/300/500 magic damage. While linked, Illaoi is healed for 30/35/40% of the damage taken by her target.

Jayce TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 5 gold
  • Traits: Enforcer Transformer Innovator
  • Ability ⁠— Mercury Hammer / Mercury Cannon:
    • Melee form (Hammer): Jayce slams his hammer down onto nearby enemies, dealing damage and reducing their Armor and Magic Resist.
    • Ranged form (Cannon): Jayce deploys an acceleration gate, granting bonus Attack Speed to allies in the same row, then fires an orb of electricity at the largest enemy group.

Jhin TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Traits: Clockwork Sniper
  • Ability ⁠— Curtain Call: Jhin transforms his weapon into a powerful sniper rifle for his next 4 shots. Each shot deals 175/200/300% of his Attack Damage as physical damage, reduced by 33% for each target it pierces through. The fourth shot is guaranteed to critically strike, and deals 44% more damage based on his target’s missing Health.
  • Passive: Jhin always attacks 0.9/0.9/1.4 times per second. He converts each 1% of bonus Attack Speed into 0.8 Attack Damage.

Jinx TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 5 gold
  • Traits: Rival Scrap Twinshot
  • Ability ⁠— Super Mega Death Rocket: Jinx rides her rocket high into the sky, then comes crashing down near the center-most enemy, dealing 400/600/3000 magic damage to enemies around the epicenter, and 50% to all other enemies in a large area. The epicenter burns every unit except Jinx for 5 seconds, dealing 2/2.5/3% of the target’s maximum Health as true damage, and reducing healing for the duration. She then swaps to her rocket launcher and targets random units for the rest of combat. Her attacks now explode for 200/210/888% of her Attack Damage in a small area around her target.

Kai'Sa TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 5 gold
  • Traits: Mutant Challenger
  • Ability ⁠— Icathian Monsoon: Kai’Sa dashes to the hex furthest from all enemies. She then fires a volley of 14/18/40 missiles spread evenly among all enemies that deal 75/100/180 magic damage each. Kai’Sa fires a bonus missile for each time she has attacked this combat.

Kassadin TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Mutant Scholar
  • Ability ⁠— Null Sphere: Kassadin fires an orb of void energy at his target, dealing 200/275/340 magic damage, applying 35/50/65% Mana Reave, and granting Kassadin a shield that reduces incoming damage by 30% for 4 seconds.

Leona in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Debonair Bodyguard
  • Ability ⁠— Solar Eclipse: Leona calls down a beacon of light, granting herself a 500/800/1300 Health shield for 4 seconds. Leona and allies within 2 hexes gain 30/50/80 Armor and Magic Resistance for the same duration.
    • VIP Bonus: Heals for 0.8% of max HP for each enemy targeting her.

Lulu TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Yordle Enchanter
  • Ability ⁠— Wild Growth: Lulu embiggens 1/2/3 low Health allies, granting them 350/370/390 bonus Health and knocking up enemies near them. If the ally is already embiggened, they are healed instead.

Malzahar TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Mutant Arcanist
  • Ability ⁠— Malefic Visions: Malzahar infects the mind of the closest unafflicted target, dealing 600/825/950 magic damage over 8 seconds and applying 40% Magic Resistance shred for the duration. If an afflicted target dies, Malefic Visions spreads to the nearest 1/1/2 unafflicted targets with the remaining duration.

Miss Fortune TFT Set 6

Miss Fortune

  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Mercenary Sniper
  • Ability ⁠— Make It Rain: Miss Fortune rains 4 waves of bullets down around a random enemy, dealing 200/300/450 total magic damage to enemies in the area and reducing their incoming healing by 50% for 6 seconds.

Orianna TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Traits: Clockwork Enchanter
  • Ability ⁠— Command: Shockwave: Orianna sends out her ball towards the largest group of champions, then commands it to release a shockwave. Allies within two hexes gain 175/375/750 shield for 4 seconds, while enemies within the area are briefly knocked up and dealt 325/500/1200 magic damage. Enemies adjacent to the ball are drawn in, stunning them for 1.5/1.5/5 seconds.

Poppy TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Yordle Bodyguard
  • Ability ⁠— Buckler Toss: Poppy throws her buckler at the farthest enemy, dealing 200/250/300% of her Armor as magic damage. The buckler then bounces back, granting Poppy a shield that blocks 250/375/525 damage.

Quinn TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Mercenary Challenger
  • Ability ⁠— Disarming Assault: Quinn sends Valor out at her target, dealing 150/250/350 magic damage to the target and nearby enemies. The main target is disarmed for 3 seconds and all nearby enemies have their Attack Damage reduced by 40/40/80% for 4 seconds.

Seraphine TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Traits: Socialite Innovator
  • Ability ⁠— Encore: Seraphine projects her song towards the largest group of units. The song deals 200/300/1000 magic damage to enemies. Allies it passes through are healed for 200/300/1000 Health and gain 30/50/100% bonus Attack Speed for 4 seconds.

Singed TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Chemtech Innovator
  • Ability ⁠— Fling: Singed flings a nearby enemy towards the largest cluster of enemies, stunning his target for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds when they land. All adjacent enemies take 125/175/250 magic damage and are briefly stunned.

Swain in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Hextech Arcanist
  • Ability ⁠— Death’s Hand: Swain unleashes piercing bolts of eldritch power in a cone towards his target, dealing 225/300/450 magic damage to enemies within and healing Swain for 200/275/350 for each enemy hit.

Tahm Kench TFT Set 6

Tahm Kench

  • Cost: 5 gold
  • Traits: Mercenary Glutton Bruiser
  • Ability ⁠— Devour: Tahm Kench devours his target, storing them in his belly for 3 seconds and dealing 1000/1500/30000 magic damage damage over the duration. During this time, they are invulnerable to other sources of damage and Tahm Kench takes 40% reduced damage. If they die while inside, Tahm Kench spits out a random item component they were holding, or the cost of the unit in gold. Otherwise, he spits them towards the farthest enemy, briefly stunning targets they impact. Devour does 50% damage to enemies with crowd control immunity.

Talon in TFT Set 6.5


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Debonair Assassin
  • Ability ⁠— Blade’s End: Passive: Talon’s 1st attack on an enemy causes them to bleed for 450/600/850 magic damage over 7 seconds. Every third attack on a target applies an additional bleed.
    • VIP Bonus: Talon’s bleed now deals true damage.

Twitch TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Chemtech Assassin
  • Ability ⁠— Piercing Bolt: Twitch fires a powerful bolt towards his target that pierces through enemies hit, dealing 125% of his Attack Damage plus 30/50/70 as physical damage and applying 50% Grievous Wounds for 5 seconds.

Veigar TFT Set 6


  • Cost: N/A (Must have all Yordles 3-star, then acquire through trait)
  • Traits: Yordle-Lord
  • Ability — Furyhorn Storm: Veigar calls down 20/30/99 Furyhorns over a few seconds near random enemies, each dealing 250/300/777 magic damage.

Vex TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Yordle Arcanist
  • Ability ⁠— Personal Space: Vex shields herself against 500/700/900 damage over four seconds. When the shield expires, it deals 150/250/350 magic damage to all enemies within two hexes, and an additional 150/250/350 damage if it wasn’t destroyed. If it was destroyed, Personal Space becomes 25% stronger this combat. This effect can stack.

Vi TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Traits: Enforcer Rival Bruiser
  • Ability ⁠— Piltover Pulverizer: Vi shields herself for 225/325/750 damage and deals 125/200/450 magic damage to her target and enemies behind it. On her second cast, she also dashes through her target. On her third cast, she instead throws her target into the air and slams them back to the ground, dealing 250/350/900 in a circle around her target.

Viktor TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 5 gold
  • Traits: Chemtech Arcanist
  • Ability ⁠— Death Rays: Viktor summons multiple singularities to fire death rays that cut across the battlefield in a line, melting through enemies’ defenses. Enemies caught in their path take 300/400/1500 magic damage, have 25/33/100% of any remaining shields destroyed, and suffer 40/50/70% Armor Shred for seconds.

Warwick TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Chemtech Challenger
  • Ability ⁠— Eternal Hunger: Passive: Warwick’s Attacks deal an additional 6/9/12% of his target’s current Health as bonus magic damage, and heal him for the damage dealt.

Zac TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Traits: Chemtech Bruiser
  • Ability ⁠— Yoink!: Zac stretches his arms up to three hexes to pull the two most distant enemies towards him, dealing 300/400/600 magic damage. Zac takes 75% less damage while using this ability.

Ziggs TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Traits: Scrap Yordle Arcanist
  • Ability ⁠— Mini Inferno Bomb: Ziggs hurls a bomb at his target. After a moderate delay, the bomb lands dealing 250/350/475 magic damage to the enemy in the epicenter, and half to adjacent enemies.

Zilean TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Clockwork Innovator
  • Ability ⁠— Time Bomb: Zilean places a bomb on the closest enemy, Stunning them for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds. When the stun ends, or the target dies, the bomb explodes dealing 200/300/450 magic damage to adjacent enemies and applying 20/35/50% Attack Speed Slow for 3 seconds.

Zyra TFT Set 6


  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Traits: Syndicate Scholar
  • Ability ⁠— Grasping Spines: Zyra summons vines in the row with the most enemies, dealing 275/375/575 magic damage and stunning them for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds.

Removed champions in TFT Set 6.5

21 champions have been cut entirely from TFT Set 6.5. Notorious Syndicate-Assassin pair Akali and Shaco have bitten the dust as the trait moves towards AP carry Ahri, while powerful carries Urgot and Yone are gone too.

You can find the full list of removed champions below:

  • Akali
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Fiora
  • Garen
  • Graves
  • Heimerdinger
  • Janna
  • Katarina
  • Kog’Maw
  • Lissandra
  • Lux
  • Samira
  • Shaco
  • Sion
  • Taric
  • Tristana
  • Trundle
  • Twisted Fate
  • Urgot
  • Yone
  • Yuumi

All traits in TFT Set 6.5

There are five new traits in TFT Set 6.5. Two of them are big replacements for Academy and Imperial in Debonair and Hextech. The former acts similarly to Chosen in giving a specific unit a juiced-up VIP bonus (once you buy them), while the latter grants your team shields and on-hit magic damage periodically.

Rival is the renamed Sister trait from Gizmos & Gadgets with Jinx and Vi becoming enemies in an attempt to continue Arcane’s storyline, while Striker joins as a new synergy that gives specific units bonus AD. Finally, Mastermind is Silco’s unique mana-giving trait.

You can find the full list of traits in TFT Set 6.5, including all the new ones, below.

Name Description Breakpoints
Arcanist (Brand, Ziggs, Swain, Vex, Malzahar, Ahri, Viktor) Allies have increased Ability Power.
  • 2: All allies gain 20 AP.
  • 4: Arcanists gain additional 40 AP.
  • 6: All allies gain 50 AP. Arcanists gain 100 AP.
  • 8: All allies gain 145 AP.
2 / 4 / 6 / 8
Assassin (Nocturne, Twitch, Talon, Ekko, Kha’Zix) Innate: Assassins jump to the enemy backline at the start of combat. Assassins’ abilities can critically strike, and they gain bonus Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Damage. 2 / 4 / 6
Bodyguard (Darius, Poppy, Blitzcrank, Leona, Braum, Galio) Bodyguards have increased Armor. Shortly after combat begins, Bodyguards taunt adjacent enemies. They also gain a shield when they trigger their taunt. 2 / 4 / 6 / 8
Bruiser (Illaoi, Sejuani, Cho’Gath, Zac, Vi, Tahm Kench) All allies have increased Health. Bruisers gain double this bonus. 2 / 4 / 6 / 8
Challenger (Camille, Quinn, Warwick, Tryndamere, Draven, Kai’Sa) Challengers have increased Attack Speed. Upon landing a takedown on their target, Challengers will dash to a new target, doubling this bonus for 2.5 seconds. 2 / 4 / 6 / 8
Chemtech (Singed, Twitch, Warwick, Tryndamere, Zac, Renata Glasc, Viktor) After dropping below 75% Health, Chemtech champions become chem-powered, gaining Attack Speed, damage reduction, and regenerating a percentage of their maximum Health each second for 8 seconds. 3 / 5 / 7 / 9
Colossus (Cho’Gath, Alistar, Galio) Innate: Colossi are bigger, more powerful, and immune to crowd control effects. Colossus gain 1000 Health. However, each Colossus requires 2 team slots.
  • 2 Colossus: Units take reduced damage.
1 / 2
Clockwork (Camille, Zilean, Jhin, Orianna) All allies have increased Attack Speed, and additional Attack Speed for each Hextech Augment you own. 2 / 4 / 6
Debonair (Brand, Syndra, Talon, Leona, Draven, Zeri) Debonair champions gain bonus Health and Ability Power. If there is a Debonair VIP in play, they activate their unique bonus. Sell the old VIP for a chance to see a new one in your Shop. 3 / 5/ 7
Enchanter (Lulu, Morgana, Orianna, Janna) Your team has bonus Magic Resist. Enchanters gain bonus healing and shielding. 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Enforcer (Caitlyn, Sejuani, Vi, Jayce) Enforcers stun enemies at the start of combat. The target breaks free after 3 seconds, or after losing 40% of their maximum Health. Enforcers will not try to stun enemies who are immune to crowd control effects.
  • 2: The enemy who has the most Health.
  • 4: And the enemy who dealt the most damage last combat.
2 / 4
Glutton (Tahm Kench) An ally from the bench can be fed to Tahm Kench once per planning phase, permanently granting him either Ability Power, Health, Armor, or Magic Resist. To feed, hold an ally from the bench over Tahm Kench until his mouth opens, then release. 1
Hextech (Jarvan IV, Nocturne, Sejuani, Swain, Lucian, Alistar, Sivir) At the start of combat and every few seconds, the Hexcore sends out a pulse that grants a shield for Hextech champions that, while active, adds bonus magic damage on attacks. This shield does not stack. 2 / 4 / 6 / 8
Innovator (Ezreal, Singed, Zilean, Ekko, Seraphine, Jayce) Innovators build a mechanical companion to join the battle. The companion receives bonus Health and Attack Damage based on allied Innovators’ star levels.
  • 3: Mechanical Scarab
  • 5: Mechanical Bear
  • 7: Mechanical Dragon
3 / 5 / 7
Mastermind (Silco) At the start of combat, the Mastermind grants the 2 allies directly in front of him a portion of their maximum Mana. 1
Mercenary (Illaoi, Quinn, Gangplank, Miss Fortune, Tahm Kench) Gain a treasure chest that opens when you win combat against a player. At the start of each planning phase, roll the dice to add more loot to the chest! The longer you’ve gone without opening the chest, the luckier the dice.
  • 3: Roll two dice
  • 5: Dice rolls are luckier
  • 7: Roll a third dice that grants you a bonus orb right away
3 / 5 / 7
Mutant (Kassadin, Rek’Sai, Cho’Gath, Malzahar, Kha’Zix, Kai’Sa) Mutants gain unique bonuses. These are different every game.
  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Mutants with at least one item equipped gain a bonus
  • Voracious Appetite: Mutants grow stronger each time an ally dies
  • Voidborne: Mutants execute targets they damage who are below 20% health
  • Metamorphosis: Every two seconds Mutants grow, gaining bonuses that stack up to five times.
  • Hyper-Adrenal Glands: Mutants’ attacks have a chance to trigger 2 additional attacks against their target.
  • Synaptic Web: The abilities of Mutants cost less to cast.
  • Bio-Leeching: All allies gain Omnivamp.
3 / 5 / 7
Rival (Vi, Jinx) This trait is active when you have exactly 1 unique Rival unit, as Rivals refuse to work together.
  • Vi’s mana cost is reduced by 20.
  • Jinx gains 40% Attack Speed for three seconds after scoring a takedown.
Scholar (Kassadin, Syndra, Zyra, Renata Glasc, Silco) Your team gains Mana every 2 seconds. 2 / 4 / 6
Scrap (Ezreal, Ziggs, Blitzcrank, Ekko, Irelia, Jinx) At the start of combat, a number of incomplete components on Scrap champions turn into an ephemeral full item for that combat. Additionally, at the start of combat, Scrap champions gain a Health shield increasing with each item equipped in your army.
  • 2: One incomplete component
  • 4: Three incomplete components
  • 6: All incomplete components, and Health bonus is doubled.
2 / 4 / 6
Sniper (Caitlyn, Ashe, Miss Fortune, Jhin, Zeri) Innate: Snipers gain 1 hex Attack Range. Snipers deal bonus damage for each hex between themselves and their target. 2 / 4 / 6
Socialite (Gnar, Senna, Seraphine, Galio) Socialites reveal a spotlight on the battlefield. The unit standing in the spotlight at the start of combat gains unique bonuses.
  • 1: Bonus Damage
  • 2: Bonus Mana Regen
  • 3: Bonus Omnivamp
  • 5: Bonuses doubled
1 / 2 / 3 / 5
Striker (Jarvan IV, Rek’Sai, Gnar, Sivir, Irelia) Strikers gain bonus Attack Damage. 2 / 4/ 6
Syndicate (Darius, Ashe, Zyra, Morgana, Ahri, Braum) Chosen allies are cloaked in the shadows, gaining Omnivamp, Armor, and Magic Resistance.

3: The Syndicate champion with the lowest current Health.
5: All Syndicate champions
7: All allies. Bonuses are increased by 50%.

3 / 5 / 7
Transformer (Jayce) Transformers have two forms that they can swap in from during planning phase depending on whether they are placed in the frontline (first two rows) or backline (last two rows) 1
Twinshot (Corki, Gangplank, Lucian, Jinx) Twinshots gain bonus Attack Damage. When a Twinshot attacks, they have a chance to attack twice instead. 2 / 4 / 6
Yordle (Poppy, Ziggs, Corki, Lulu, Gnar, Vex) After combat with a player, a random free Yordle appears on your bench.
  • 6: Yordles’ mana cost are reduced. Star up your Yordles to call forth Veigar.
3 / 6
Yordle-Lord (Veigar) Benefits from the Yordle trait. Veigar is summoned from a Yordle Portal when every Yordle is 3-star. 1

Removed traits in TFT Set 6.5

Five traits have been removed in TFT Set 6.5’s Neon Nights Mid-Set update. This includes the relatively-popular Imperial traits which gained steam at the end of the first half of Gizmos and Gadgets. Academy joins it as another major trait being removed.

Protector has been cut, despite some of its units like Kassadin remaining in the set.

Finally, Yuumi’s unique trait Cuddly has been removed with her dismissal, as well as Jinx and Vi’s special Sister trait — traded in for Rival. You can find a full list of removed traits in TFT Set 6.5 below:

  • Academy
  • Cuddly
  • Imperial
  • Protector
  • Sister

When does TFT Set 6.5 release?

TFT Set 6.5 launched on TFT patch 12.4, which released on February 16, 2022.

The Neon Nights update will also include more than 80 new Hextech Augments, a new battle pass, a reworked Scouting system, and more.

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