Riot continues Arcane’s storyline with Jinx & Vi in TFT Set 6.5

Lauren Bergin
league of legends arcane jinx skin

Jinx and Vi’s struggles throughout Riot Games’ League of Legends-inspired Netflix show, Arcane, have already made their mark on Teamfight Tactics, but TFT Set 6.5 is set to dive even deeper. 

Riot Games’ hit Netflix show, Arcane, introduced the world not only to League of Legends, but the turbulent tale of sisters turned rivals, Jinx and Vi.

In order to celebrate the show’s launch, Riot were quick to adapt some of the series’ most iconic characters into LoL and Teamfight Tactics champions – with the former getting both Zeri and Renata Glasc, while the latter has fan favorite anti-hero, Silco, joining the fray as part of TFT Set 6.5.

Not only will we see this familiar face take to the Rift, we’ll also see the new Set continue the current Jinx and Vi storyline, exploring how these once-close sisters quickly became mortal enemies.

league of legends LoL arcane netflix show silco looking at a vial of shimmer
Silco has joined the TFT universe, but just what does this mean for Jinx and Vi?

TFT Set 6.5 will continue Arcane storyline

According to TFT Technical Designer, Lynda Tang, Riot will be continuing Arcane’s now-iconic tale of strife and struggle in TFT Set 6.5.

“Part of it was continuing the storyline from Arcane because we thought it’d be a good way to wrap up the narrative,” she states.

“With the initial Set launch it was still like ‘hey this is the Arcane champions from where they were then.’ Now with Vi and Jinx having been reverted back to their base splashes, we thought that was a good way to be like ‘this is where we see them now’ to try and keep up with Arcane.”

league of legends arcane jinx and vi look out over piltover
Sisters in arms turned rivals, Jinx and Vi, will be continuing their feud in TFT Set 6.5.

It turns out that the devil is in the detail, though, as seemingly minor changes helped to take TFT’s Arcane journey to the next level.

“Another thing that was really cool with Rivals that we had promoted Vi from a two-cost to a four-cost. We knew that the bruiser-style AP area was really cool and we thought this would be a good way to bring Vi up to the front without feeling weird about it.”

Concluding “we didn’t want you to field both her and Jinx at the same time,” the amount of detail that has gone into perfecting the integration of Arcane into TFT is staggering.

As TFT continues to merge Arcane with its ever-expanding universe, it’ll be interesting to see how these two very different worlds collide. After all, if there’s one thing we know it’s going to be pretty explosive since Jinx is involved!

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