5 things we want from Teamfight Tactics Set 12

Liam Ho
BeeKoz Splash Art

Teamfight Tactics’ Set 12 is quickly approaching, with the new set bringing a complete change to the game in a number of ways. Though here are 5 things we also want to see in the upcoming update.

Set 11 of Teamfight Tactics has just about hit the halfway mark. With the set introducing Mythical legends from all over Runeterra, the set’s iconic encounter mechanic meant the game was always changing.

With Set 12 though, we want to see the devs freshen things up a bit, so here are 5 things we want from the new Teamfight Tactics set.

A new set mechanic

Set 11’s Encounter mechanic was an interesting idea that shifted how players would approach the match. These could appear at the start or throughout the game and adapting to the ever-changing encounters was key to winning out against your opponents.

Snow Moon Kayn splash art
Kayn’s encounter ended the game at stage 5-4, making it completely gamewarping.

While on the surface the idea of Encounters seemed fantastic, it made balancing one of the more difficult tasks this set. Certain Encounters would massively benefit some players while being completely useless for others, meaning a match could suddenly shift out of your favor without you doing anything.

Set 12 should see a new set mechanic introduced, one that hopefully differs from Encounters, just to continue adding in more variety to the title.

Multi-cost traits

The TFT devs have experimented around with traits that cost more than one team slot before. We’ve had Dragons in set seven and Colossus in set six which were powerful units that made up for their heftier cost.

Terra from Teamfight Tactics
The dragon Terra was a 10-cost unit that took up two team slots in set seven.

It would be fantastic to see Riot bring this back in some way shape or form, as playing with unit cost was by far one of the more creative decisions showcased by the devs.

Econ traits

One of the best things about TFT is the multitude of ways you can approach any match. One such way is to play the econ trait, which often involves losing over and over to build up a huge cashout. Then you take the cash out and essentially smack the rest of the lobby with it.

These forms of traits are normally the most risky, but end up being the most rewarding when you successfully pull them off, drawing a fine line between life and elimination. Econ traits always end up feeling like some of the best games of TFT when done well, and it’s why we’d like to see it still exist in Set 12.

Interesting 5 costs

Project Ekko Splash Art
Ekko was just one of the excellent five costs released in set three.

Units are the bread and butter of Teamfight Tactics. Especially five costs when it comes to the late game. There’s nothing more satisfying than rerolling your shop to see a shiny golden unit appear.

Generally speaking, five cost units have some sort of extravagant ability that drastically changes how a fight might play out. Highlight five costs include, Ekko from set three, who would freeze time on the board, dashing around and hitting each target.

Abilities like these add the wow factor to each and every fight, and seeing more interesting and cool five costs would be something set 12 should aim for.

Another solid thematic

Set 10 gave us a fantastical music-themed set, filled with units each representing a different genre or band. Set 11 does something similar, filling the roster full of units of mythical descent.

We do know that Set 12 supposedly has something to do with magic, thanks to TFT’s roadmap. However what this may mean is anyone’s guess, and we’ll have to wait to see what the devs have in store for us.