Teamfight Tactics Set 12 Magic n’ Mayhem: Release date, champions and more

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Bewitching Morgana splash art LoL

Teamfight Tactics Magic n’ Mayhem will hit the live servers very soon. Here’s what we know about the 12th set for Riot’s auto battler, including the release date and more.

Teamfight Tactics is getting to release its newest set to the live servers. Following the mystical set 11, the new set looks to shake things up with a new magical theme that should be sure to cause a bit of mayhem on the Convergence.

As per usual the new set means new units, a new theme, and even a new set mechanic, which will drastically change the way you play the auto battler.

Looking to learn more about what’s coming to Teamfight Tactics? We’ve got you covered.

Teamfight Tactics set 12 release date

Set 12 of Teamfight Tactics will launch on July 31st, 2024. Generally speaking, the set is normally available to test on the PBE for about two weeks beforehand, meaning if you want to hop in early, you can join the queues on July 17th, 2024.

It’s worth noting that the PBE will likely have a myriad of queues, as well as various bugs and glitches while the devs continue to work on the new set. The set on PBE will also not be fully representative of the set when it hits live, as there’ll be plenty of balance changes among other updates for tuning.

Teamfight Tactics set 12 theme

The theme for set 12 will be Magic n’ Mayhem. This is a much more abstract theme than the previous ones, meaning there’s no telling what Riot might have up their sleeves this time.

According to the TFT roadmap released last year, however, Set 12 has been described as having “Magic, mayhem and… bees”. This means it’s likely we’ll see the coming of the ever-popular bee skin line, as well as arcane elements.

Teamfight Tactics set 12 champions

So far we know four champions are part of set 12, these being Briar, Nunu, Morgana, and Hwei, as teased by Riot in a tweet.

There’ll be plenty more champions featured in the upcoming set, but we won’t quite know who else is making an appearance until the devs release more information.

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