New League of Legends champion Renata revealed: release date, abilities & more

Meg Kay

The second new champion of League of Legends Season 12 has finally been revealed: Renata Glasc, the Chem Baroness. A member of the aristocracy in the polluted city of Zaun, she’s a support whose kit is all about buffing up her enemies with her array of chemtech gadgetry.

First teased in the Season 12 opening day stream, Renata was described as “something more sinister and dark” to balance out the “cheery brightness” of the support role.

A week before her official release, a new teaser appeared for the Zaunite in the form of a website for “Glasc Industries”, a company founded by Renata.

The site explains that “from humble origins in the Sump of Zaun, Glasc Industries founder Renata Glasc was inspired by her family’s alchemical practice to improve life across Zaun and Piltover.”

And now we know what that “improvement” looks like, with Renata’s full kit officially revealed.

Who is Renata Glasc?

After introducing the world to the power dynamics of Piltover and Zaun in the hit series Arcane, Riot are continuing to draw from the world of Zaun after the release of fellow Zaunite Zeri in patch 12.2.

Renata is a member of the illustrious Chembarons, part of Zaun’s wealthy upper class. In League’s official lore, the Chembarons are described as “powerful individuals who each control an area of the city”. They, alongside their henchmen, are loosely responsible for keeping the peace in Zaun.

Owner of Glasc Industries, Renata’s aim is to “redefine beauty through state-of-the-art technology”. She’s one of the most powerful people in Zaun, and wants to bring Chemtech to the masses.

She herself has been augmented through Chemtech, with a robotic arm and some kind of chemtech breathing apparatus fused to her body.

Renata Glasc headshot in League of Legends
Renata’s beauty is as sinister as it is stunning.

As a champion, she’ll shake up the enchanter support role with a more sinister kit than most.

“There were a lot of lighthearted, colorful, good-aligned champions there, and we felt support players deserved something more sinister and dark to balance out that cherry brightness,” lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles said.

Renata abilities in League of Legends

Renata’s abilities have been confirmed — and they’re a very different take on the enchanter archetype. Renata thrives on zombifying her allies and turning enemies against each other.

With a new-style of hook on her Q — akin to a Syndra W fused with a Blitzcrank hook — she can stun a wide AOE by throwing champions around. Her W has added a new zombie-style revive to League of Legends, where if an ally dies while the buff is active, they can defy death by getting a takedown of their own.

However, the pièce de résistance is her ultimate, Hostile Takeover, which locks enemies out of their abilities and turns them against each other. She can draw the aggro away from her allies as her enemies attack each other until they die, leading her team to victory.

Here’s a full breakdown of Renata’s abilities:

  • Passive — Leverage: Renata Glasc’s basic attacks mark her enemies and deal bonus damage. Damage from Renata’s allies consumes the mark, dealing additional damage.
  • Q — Handshake: Renata Glasc sends out a missile from her robotic arm that roots the first enemy hit. She can reactivate the ability to throw the enemy in a target direction, damaging enemies hit and stunning them if the thrown target is a champion.
  • W — Bailout: Renata Glasc grants an allied champion or herself ramping Attack Speed and Move Speed toward enemies. If the ally gets a takedown on an enemy champion, the buff duration resets. If the ally would die while Bailout is still active, their health is set back to full but they begin burning to death over 3 seconds. The ally can stop the burn by getting a champion takedown before they die.
  • E — Loyalty Program: Renata Glasc sends out chemtech rockets that shield allies and damage and slow enemies they pass through. The rockets also apply their effects around her on cast and in an explosion at max range.
  • R — Hostile Takeover: Renata Glasc sends out a cloud of chemicals that causes enemies to go Berserk, increasing their Attack Speed and forcing them to basic attack anything around them. Berserk enemies prioritize attacking their own allies, then neutral units, then Renata Glasc’s team, then Renata Glasc herself.

Renata release date in League of Legends

Riot have confirmed that Renata will be available to play on League of Legends patch 12.4, which releases on February 16, 2022.

She is also releasing in the TFT Neon Nights Mid-Set update as a Chemtech-Scholar unit.

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