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The best TFT Set 6 comps as of patch 11.23: Top meta builds

Published: 27/Nov/2021 3:08 Updated: 27/Nov/2021 3:11

by Andrew Amos


TFT Set 6 is finally here. There’s plenty of Gizmos & Gadgets to try and wrap your head around, so finding what’s meta is hard. Fear not, we’ve got a list of the best TFT Set 6 comps and top meta builds — as of patch 11.23 — you should try.

TFT Set 6 is bringing plenty of new ways to play Riot’s hit auto-battler. With a diverse roster of champions and traits, plus the intricate Hextech Augments system, no two games will ever feel the same.

In TFT Set 6, a lot of different comps are viable ⁠— but it’s all dependent on your Augments. If you hit amazing Augments for a specific composition, you can freely chase it. 


Some comps, however, will always be better than others. These comps listed below are the most flexible and don’t rely on good Augment rolls every game, which means you can freely flex between them to get a top 4, or win.

Without further ado, here’s the best TFT Set 6 comps, as of patch 11.23.

Best TFT Set 6 comps in patch 11.23

Katarina Carry

An example TFT Set 6 comp with Katarina on lolchess

If there is one comp you should play every game if possible in TFT Set 6, Katarina carry is it. Although patch 11.23 hit her with some hefty nerfs, players have found a new build that doesn’t rely on her mana regen — and it pops off.

All three items are a must on the Katarina, non-negotiable. Ionic Spark reduces Magic Resist, meaning she can one-shot enemies with the Infinity Edge and Hand of Justice crit duet.


The rest of the comp with 4 Academy and 4 Assassin is meant to maximize Katarina’s damage. You want to slow roll at Level 6 for the three-star Katarina (Talon is also nice here), and then level to 7 to look for Ekko and Shaco.

However, if you don’t hit, don’t worry. You can substitute out Garen and Blitzcrank for Akali and Braum, choosing to run Syndicate with Akali carry instead. She’s very flexible with items, and if you can build out towards 7 Syndicate, you have a comp that rivals the strength of the Katarina one.

Innovator Flex

Innovator Flex is probably the one comp in TFT Set 6 you can force every single game. Its dynamic nature really just relies on one thing ⁠— getting enough Innovators in the opening rounds. If you hit 3 Innovator to spawn the Scarab at 2-1, you’re in a really good spot for the rest of the game.


You want to eventually play 5 Innovators with Jayce, Seraphine, Zilean, Heimerdinger, and Ezreal. However, if you hit an Innovator Augment, you can drop Ezreal to really buff up the composition. Supportive units like Janna or Taric are incredibly powerful in his place.

The best carry pair for Innovator Flex is Fiora and Yone. Running the two Challenger units at Level 8 gives you a huge boost in damage, along with a frontline Jayce with tank items. However, if you don’t find the right items, you can run Innovator with Jhin, Orianna, or Lux carry.

It’s an incredibly flexible composition ⁠— you just have to make sure you find the core units, especially Jayce because he’s your sole frontline.


Urgot Carry

An example TFT Set 6 comp with Urgot on lolchess

Urgot is one of the most flexible carries in TFT Set 6. He can pretty much stand alone, and as long as you’ve got 2 Twinshot, he will churn through frontlines like nobody’s business.

That is why he’s good as a secondary carry in Mutant comps (more on that below), but he also shines brightly when emphasis is put on him. Once you hit Runaan’s Hurricane and Infinity Edge, he becomes nigh-on unstoppable. Depending on enemy frontlines, Giant Slayer (against high-health) or Last Whisper (against high-armor) are great third options.

If you hit the right Chemtech Augments, you can opt to run this comp with 5 or 7 Chemtech instead of 4 Bruiser — just sub out Tahm Kench and Vi for Lissandra and Viktor. This is also a great adaptation if you’re facing a ton of AD comps.


As long as you have Mundo, Zac, Urgot, and a Twinshot partner (preferably Jinx), you can run any combination of units as you see fit to let Urgot shine.

Mutant Malzahar

An example TFT Set 6 comp with Mutant Malzahar on lolchess

Mortdog’s favorite unit of all time, Malzahar, was always going to be strong in TFT Set 6. Call it dev bias, but with the Mutant trait, Malzahar is one of the best carries right now.

“I’m biased, my favorite is Malzahar with Hextech Gunblade and 5 Mutant when you get the Astro variation. That way his mana cost is 20, he’s throwing DOTs everywhere, healing your team up,” the lead developer explained to Dexerto.

You don’t need the Astro (Synaptic Web) variation of Mutant to make Malzahar viable though. Pretty much every Mutant choice ⁠— especially Metamorphosis (similar to Elderwood) or Voidborne ⁠— are incredibly good, dishing out tons of damage.

Running Malzahar alongside Dr. Mundo, Cho’Gath, Kog’Maw, and eventually Kai’Sa (over Kassadin), you have a solid back and front line. You can opt to run Viktor to get a second Arcanist on the board late to really ramp the Malzahar’s damage, or a Socialite like Seraphine for the spotlight hex.