TFT reworking 3 popular units in massive balance shuffle as Patch 14.2 looms

Liam Ho
High Noon Urgot Splash Art

The Teamfight Tactics devs have announced massive reworks that are coming to 3 units in the next Patch of 14.2.

Teamfight Tactics is constantly changing, not only are there new sets being added all the time, but we consistently receive updates to the auto battler, ensuring no meta sets in for too long and keeping the game fresh.

Most of the time these updates are purely for balance, shifting numbers around to ensure that almost all strategies are somewhat viable in the game. This incentivizes players to mess around with new units and compositions, rather than following the meta and running the same builds over and over again.

Now the Teamfight Tactics devs have announced new reworks coming to several units in Patch 14.2, which may result in a massive balance shuffle for the game.

Lead designer of TFT Mortdog explained which units would be receiving changes.

2 cost Pentakill Edgelord Kayle will be receiving a rework in Patch 14.2. Mortdog explained that her spell shape would be changing, claiming the unit would be easier to use and scale better into the late game.

“Now, she will always be in the transformed state with empowered autos, and her 120 mana spell will be the finale she has now. This should make her easier to use, scale a bit better, and even act as an item holder for Karthus as necessary.”

4-cost Pentakill Executioner Karthus is receiving a rework to improve player satisfaction whilst playing against him. This change sees his ability become stronger with each cast, removing the frustration of your carry being one shot due to a random crit.

“So there’s a bunch of changes including: No mana on kill, damage way down, spell will always crit if it can, crit converts to AP, and gains 30 AP each cast.” the dev explained.

Pentakill Kayle splash art
2-cost Pentakill Edgelord Kayle will be receiving a rework to help her scale into the late game.

Finally, 3-cost Country Mosher Urgot is receiving a rework of its own as well. Urgot has traditionally been an incredibly strong unit in Set 10, but struggles against dealing damage to a single target frontline, Mort believes this rework should alleviate his issue.

“His damage is going down a little (meant to nerf his AOE and Stage 2 power), but now if he only hits a single target, it will be 50% stronger.”

These reworks will hit the live server with Patch 14.2, which is currently slated for January 24, 2023.