Dr Disrespect threatens to quit “broken” Halo Infinite over constant crashes

Dr Disrespect annoyed at Halo Infinite Master Chief.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / 343 Industries

Dr Disrespect has been willing to give Halo Infinite time, but as issues, crashes, and bugs continue to mount up, the YouTuber admits he’s on the verge of uninstalling the franchise’s “broken” sequel if it gets any worse.

The two-time’s opinion of Halo Infinite is unraveling by the day. While he still claims it’s a “breath of fresh air” compared to gaming juggernauts like Apex Legends or Warzone, the cracks are beginning to show.

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A fortnight after the sequel’s shock multiplayer release, Dr Disrespect is already starting to pick apart its features, and even demand devs make big changes.

Then, last week, the YouTuber’s growing issues with Halo Infinite cost him a controller, after he shattered his sticks in an aim assist-fuelled rage. The problems are stacking so high that dreaded word ⁠— “uninstall” ⁠— is starting to get bandied around.

The Doc hasn’t deleted Halo Infinite from his PC yet, but after a crash-riddled stream this week, the YouTuber claims he’s one step closer.

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Dr Disrespect yells into his YouTube camera on-stream.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The two-time is losing his patience with Halo’s constant crashes and game issues.

Dr Disrespect’s latest brush with Halo Infinite issues loomed up while he was playing ranked with fellow stars CouRage and TimTheTatman. Mid-game, the Doc was booted back to the menu, where he was slapped with several “connection issues” warnings that stopped him re-joining the lobby.

For a moment, the two-time was shocked. He sat staring at his screen, before flicking over to Halo’s settings menu and raising the idea he might simply “uninstall” and walk away from the game completely.

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Then he yelled: “This is such a broken game! I’m sick of it. You expect a game that’s developed for this long will actually let you play some games, right?”

Doc was greeted with a "Connection Lost" error warning in-game.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
Doc copped yet another “Connection Lost” error warning in-game.

“F**k man, it’s just so frustrating,” he continued. “The aim assist issues we’ve been having, then all these crashes. Now we’re losing connection to servers? I’m losing my rankings for this, it’s nuts. Honestly, I feel like I might uninstall, I just might. This is so insane… this is a triple-A studio game!

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“How are you spending this long on a game, spending all these years making a game, and not coming out with flawlessness? You know? There’s so many issues.”

According to the two-time, the biggest disappointment from Halo Infinite’s release so far has been its quality after seven years in the pipeline. With that much time to work on the game, the YouTuber said, he had high hopes.

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“I don’t like complaining, but it’s like, they had seven years on this, and we’re still getting [issues]? I like the game, I love it. When it’s clicking, it feels so good, but all the disconnects, aim assist problems,” Dr Disrespect said. “Ah! Anyway, I’ve been thinking that maybe my expectations were too high.

“I have to tone them f**king down. My expectations were sky-high, but I’ve not really seen that polished game. We just didn’t get that, did we?”

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Halo is safe on the Doc’s PC for now, however; he recently admitted there’s nothing else he wants to play, and it’s is “all he thinks about” before he streams.