Dr Disrespect backflips on Halo Infinite worries after shock multiplayer release

Dr Disrespect next to Halo Infinite spartan.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Microsoft

Dr Disrespect has been very vocal about his Halo Infinite concerns, particularly about long-term hype and lack of a battle royale, but says he now has “high hopes” after getting his hands on the title during its shock early release.

Halo Infinite is out ⁠— yep, you read that right. On Monday, Nov. 15, the long-awaited Halo sequel’s multiplayer playlists were suddenly released, 24 days early.

The surprise release was, of course, enough to send the internet into a frenzy. Eager Halo loyalists loaded straight into new playlists and even casual fans were caught up in the excitement. Servers ballooned ⁠— and didn’t crack ⁠— and the world got its first real taste of Halo Infinite.

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In Dr Disrespect’s eyes, after playing, it’s all good news.

“Firm handshakes to Halo Infinite, the game plays so good,” the Doc said hours after the game’s surprise November release, adding his trademark “yayaya” too.

There’s one big thing that’s won Dr Disrespect over immediately: Halo Infinite’s multiplayer battles all have “that classic Halo feel” about them, the YouTuber explained after playing.

“Honestly, I don’t feel like I have any major issues, really.”

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“I’m sitting here wanting to play again. Like, every time I’m finished [a match] I want to get straight into the lobby, I’m down to play again,” he continued. “The ranked grind, battle rifle, map designs, I love them all.

“There’s a few things I’ve got complaints about, a few maps I don’t like that much, but they’re really small complaints really. They’re things that can be fixed.”

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Dr Disrespect holds up controller.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The Doc switched to controller for Halo Infinite launch day after solving some tech issues.

The only major issue he’s come across, Dr Disrespect said, is how Halo Infinite approaches “damage messaging”. The two-time explained, “When I engage someone, we shoot each other and I’m not feeling the impact. You don’t notice, and suddenly your shields are 20% and you’re dead.

“Taking crucial damage, that has to be really, really clear.”

Overall though, Dr Disrespect has pivoted away from his early worries, and given the sequel the green light on launch day: “Yeah, I’ve got high hopes.”

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Related segment begins at 7:24:49 in video below.

The Doc’s “high hopes” are a major pivot from his pre-release expectations. In the build-up to Infinite’s release, the YouTuber claimed Microsoft’s flagship title would “desperately need a battle royale” or risk dying in a week.

While Dr Disrespect is likely still all-in on wanting a Halo battle royale eventually ⁠— the two-time is a huge advocate for the genre ⁠— it seems he’s changed his tune about the future of Halo Infinite, and whether it can survive any early road bumps it may eventually face.

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In the end, the YouTuber blew past his usual stream-time, staying live over eight hours for the first time since September. He said: “I just can’t stop playing.”