Dr Disrespect claims Halo Infinite is one big change away from being incredible

Dr Disrespect and Master Chief from Halo Infinite.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / 343 Industries

Dr Disrespect has heaped praise on Halo Infinite since its surprise launch, claiming it’s basically one big change away from being a truly incredible game, and one he’d be eager to grind “non-stop” for months.

The two-time has been hard to please gaming-wise in recent times, with CoD Vanguard nearly shelved on day one, Warzone a no-go zone for the star, and Battlefield 2042 all but forgotten already.

With Halo Infinite, however, the YouTube superstar seems to have found the game he wants to “sink hours and hours into” and climb the ranked ladders. He’s not alone either; Infinite has already clocked up some major records, and the general consensus is Microsoft’s franchise is back.

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The Doc just has one problem, however.

According to the two-time, Halo Infinite is just one big change away from being an all-time great right out the gate: the “woeful” way it shows damage.

Dr Disrespect next to Halo Infinite spartan.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Microsoft
The YouTuber has been having a great time on Halo Infinite since Monday’s shock release.

Dr Disrespect spent most of his November 18 stream grinding the Halo Infinite playlists, battling his way up the ranks of solo queue. During his seven-hour haul, the two-time touched on one thing from Halo that’s irked him.

The issue, he says, is the game is so “here, there, and everywhere” when it comes to warning players they’re close to death. That means dueling enemies will often end differently from how a player thought it would, because Infinite does a “poor” job of detailing damage through visuals.

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If they can land that, though, Doc’s giving Halo top marks.

“The amount of damage I’m receiving from another player, their shots… It’s not like I really want to be blinded by all the VFX and audio and my controller vibrating out of its mind, but if 343 can just boost up the [damage] messaging, that would make the whole game incredible. Much, much better.

“Sometimes it’s just “Brr! Brr!” and I’m dead. You never get the feeling [you’ll die]. And then when you get team shot, that messaging gets even harder.”

Related segment begins at 25:49 in the video below.

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There is one other thing Dr Disrespect has circled back around on several times during his Halo grind; the multiplayer maps on offer in its 4v4 modes.

While it’s far from a dealbreaker, the Doc admits he wants to see more variety in 343 Industries’ designs. Old franchise maps like Warlock and Sanctuary ⁠— or rather, their “vibes” ⁠— are missing from the rotation right now. He soon admitted that may be solved in future updates though.

“Look,” he added, “that’s just me being kind of greedy.”

Overall, Doc says he loves the game: “I’m sitting here wanting to play. Every time I finish [a match] I want to get straight into the lobby, I’m down to play again.”

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