Dr Disrespect smashes controller in rage over “ridiculous” Halo Infinite aim assist

Dr Disrespect screams at Halo Infinite's Master Chief.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / 343 Industries

Dr Disrespect has finally snapped playing Halo Infinite, shattering his red Doc-branded controller in a fit of gamer rage over the sequel’s “broken” aim assist, which the YouTuber claims simply “fails to work” in key moments.

343 Industries made the bold call to drop Halo Infinite multiplayer a month early on November 15, and the move paid off: the gaming world ⁠— Dr Disrespect included ⁠— have since been swept up in the Halo hype.

For the most part, Halo Infinite has been a “breath of fresh air” for the Doc, who has famously sworn off Call of Duty Vanguard, has been avoiding Battlefield 2042, and refuses to play a host of other battle royale titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite due to various issues with the popular franchises.

The Doc’s patience with Halo ran out this week, however.

While grinding Infinite’s ranked playlists, Dr Disrespect hit a snag: his Halo aim assist seemed to stop working, and the moment cost him one of his controllers.

Dr Disrespect holds up controller.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The Doc’s trusty branded controller wouldn’t last to the end of his Halo stream.

⁠Locked into the competitive Halo Infinite grind, Dr Disrespect was counting on every win, every small victory, to push his way to the franchise’s top rank, Onyx.

So, when the shooter’s aim assist mechanic stopped working in the middle of a firefight, the two-time hit breaking point. The YouTuber bubbled into an explosive rage, shattering his Doc-branded controller onto the edge of his desk. Bits went everywhere, including the controller’s plastic casing.

“I got none! F**k, none at all! No f**king aim assist!” the star yelled, before trying to piece his smashed controller back together. “It’s ridiculous.”

Dr Disrespect holds his shattered controller.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The two-time managed to split the front of his controller off in his rage.

“As good as Halo Infinite comes off to be, there’s a lot of little things that are adding up that makes it… I mean, what the f**k man, seven years and we get this?

Despite his efforts, the Doc couldn’t get his controller back together. As he fiddled, he continued his rant: “You guys know what I’m talking about? Seven years, and I don’t understand half the stuff that we’ve got.

“Today has just been so frustrating. I do have fun, when I play, but there’s just so many technical issues too. It makes it really hard to play.”

Related segment begins at 8:23:52 in the video below.

⁠Dr Disrespect admitted he has been struggling with matching his pre-release expectations for Halo Infinite and the franchise’s long-awaited sequel with all the issues that the game has coughed up these past ten days.

“It feels like I complained all stream today,” he said.

“I don’t like complaining, but it’s like, they had seven years on this, and we’re still getting [issues]? I like the game, I love it. When it’s clicking, it feels so good, but all the disconnects, aim assist problems. Ah! Anyway, I’ve been thinking that maybe my expectations were too high.

“I have to tone them f**king down. My expectations were sky-high, but I’ve not really seen that polished, flawless game. We just didn’t get that, did we?”