All Halo Infinite maps: Launch multiplayer maps confirmed

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A Halo vehicle speeds along sand, with the Infinite logo in the corner

Halo Infinite multiplayer is here, and there are plenty of maps to choose from. Here’s the full list of every one in both Arena and Big Team Battle.

The first Halo FPS (first-person shooter) since 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians, Halo Infinite has made quite the splash. Players have discovered new movement mechanics during the Beta and pros have begun making plans for an inaugural $250k tournament

At the Xbox 20th Anniversary Celebration, Microsoft took the surprising step of opening up the Halo multiplayer beta to everyone across console and PC. With progress carrying across, thousands of players are jumping in. Here’s every Halo Infinite multiplayer map as of November 16, 2021.


Halo Infinite Arena maps


Aquarius is a tight, corridor-based affair, split up by more open rooms. It’s the kind of map where close-to-medium range weapons are encouraged.


An aerial screenshot of the Bazaar map from Halo Infinite
As seen from above, the center of Halo Infinite’s Bazaar map.

As noted by Windows Central’s Samuel Tolbert, Bazaar is inspired by part of Halo 2’s campaign. Following the Battle of Mombasa on Earth, the map is set around a tattered, but rebuilding marketplace. 

After trying the map out during the first technical preview, players recognized a diversity of playstyles. The central marketplace is suited for messy action while surrounding rooms and corridors set a stage for sneakier fights.


A player attacking in Halo Infinite's Behemoth map.
A gameplay shot of Halo Infinite’s Behemoth map.

Fittingly named, Behemoth is one of Halo Infinite’s larger maps. It’s mostly symmetrical, with a central arena as well as bridges, gravity lifts, and man cannons that provide verticality. 

The map’s size and versatility can complement a variety of playstyles, with snipers likely intrigued by the different structures around. And, of course, it’s a perfect playground for a number of vehicles — like the Ghost, Warthog, and Infinite’s Wasp.

Launch Site

Launch Site offers a great mix of chokepoints, with plenty of levels including air vents, catwalks, and more to explore. This makes it a dream on objective-based modes, because there are so many routes of attack.

Live Fire

A screenshot of Halo Infinite's Live Fire map indoors
Less scenic, Halo Infinite’s Live Fire map is a training site gone wrong.

Home to Spartan training programs, Live Fire is placed in the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science. As such, it’s one of the smaller maps and has some interesting nuances to keep aware of.

Not only are there tighter corridors and lines of sight to manage in Live Fire, but power weapons spawn in the center. If your team wants a Sniper Rifle or Skewer, you’ll need to control the map. There are even training dummies!


Halo Infinite's Recharge map
There’s a… lot of verticality on Halo Infinite’s Recharge map.

Recharge is one of the weirder maps in Halo Infinite. Built with an emphasis on verticality, Recharge is suited to fans of the grappling hook item.

Past that, a melee weapon spawns on the map (recharging and spawning again). So if you like flying around with a Gravity Hammer or Energy Sword, this map may tickle your fancy.


An urban map set in the streets of New Mombasa, Streets offers classic Halo combat with buildings with multiple entrances, alleyways, and even the city’s subway system.

Halo Infinite Big Team Battle maps


One of Infinite’s biggest areas, Deadlock feels like classic Halo. There are caves for flanking, huge sightlines for snipers, and all the vehicular carnage you’d expect.


An image of Halo Infinite's fragmentation map
A very scenic shot of Halo Infinite’s Fragmentation map.

Set on Installation 07, Fragmentation is yet another larger map perfectly suited to the chaos of the Big Team Battle mode. 

Unlike Behemoth, Fragmentation’s roots bear nostalgia for veteran Halo players. It’s been described as similar to Halo 3’s Valhalla and it makes a great Capture The Flag map.

High Power

This map is perfect for those wanting to practice their sniping skills, with a huge wall in the middle that funnels players into lanes ripe for headshots.

Thus far, these are all of the maps that have been announced and revealed for Halo Infinite. More maps are expected to arrive post-launch, so we’ll update this page as we hear more. For more on Halo, be sure to check out more of our content.

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