Next Halo campaign reportedly starts development as 343 begins pivot away from Infinite

Eleni Thomas
Halo campaign

New reports indicate that developer 343 Industries has finally begun working on the next Halo game, specifically beginning to workshop the new single-player campaign experience.

When Halo Infinite first launched, the game was slammed by fans due to the large amount of missing content out of the gate.

Beloved Halo features such as Forge, Co-op, and more were all left out of the release on day one. And despite promising that local co-op would be added in, developer 343 ultimately chose to scrap the feature.

Despite a recent resurgence with the Season 5 launch, many hardcore fans are now turning their attention to what comes next. While not much is known about what the next installment in the iconic Xbox franchise will be, new reports indicate that it is officially in development.

As reported by TweakTown, sources have told Ains, the editor-in-chief of Seasoned Gaming, that 343 Industries has begun mapping out the concepts for the next Halo campaign.

“Do I have any info on the Halo campaign? The short answer is nothing specific. What I can say, what I know anyway, is that yes, they do have a team working on the next Halo campaign. It is part of the restructure that is building the next generation of Halo on Unreal,” Ains said in the SG Bitcast 269 podcast.

Ains added that, “I think I told a friend the other day that the earliest I would expect to see another Halo single-player campaign outside of Firefight and stuff they’re doing in Infinite, is a couple years. It’s going to be a while so don’t hold your breath.”

Time will tell what the new Halo game will look like and what kind of campaign it will entail. After all, Infinite operated as a sort of spiritual reboot for the series, finally drawing a veil on the relationship between The Master Chief and his AI companion Cortana while pivoting from a linear structure to an open world experience.

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